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New energy vehicles need planning good car electron battery industry

April 19, shenzhen and two city both low open, at HuZhi at 2378.62, or 2.22% that day; Shenzhen composition index at 100498.8 points, or 0.2% that day, and two city grail this fall but failed to block the lithium electricity concept in share price rise of individual stocks plate.

With a new energy vehicles planning of the good news release influence, the lithium electricity concept plate is set off again. Yesterday, AoKeMa harden, power supply after opening and also impact harden, but by two city stock sell-off influence, the stock has fallen 1.47% increase on that day, the rest of the plate of stocks are also not degree of rise.

Automobile electronic lithium battery into the main development direction

At present, the cells are widely used in mobile and energy storage equipment, have related data showed that in 2011, the domestic battery total industrial output grew 35.4% to 564.5 billion yuan.

At present the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection by continuously put forward, and new technology constantly updated, the influence of the performance of the product to product substitution trends. The reporter found access to information, a battery replacement process for performance, dry cell was alkaline batteries instead of, alkaline batteries and be lithium battery instead. And secondary battery replacement process for the performance, children cars chinalead-acid battery is nickel cadmium battery instead of, nickel cadmium battery is nickel metal hydride battery replacement, the nimh batteries will be lithium ion battery replacement.

Had not be named new energy vehicles industry experts told reporters, at present, for new energy vehicles with battery electronic, there are two development direction, a direction is the fuel cell, kids tricycle manufactureranother direction is lithium batteries. The fuel cell, it is to point to a will save fuel and oxidizer in the chemical directly into electrical power generation equipment, fuel and air were sent to the fuel cell, can produce electricity.

According to reporter understanding, though, fuel cells have the call of the larger, but in March 2012, the ministry of science and technology on the introduction of the "electric car technology development" 1025 "special planning" (hereafter referred to as the planning ") clearly put, key research for lithium-ion-drive batteries. "planning" is put forward, to be in power battery module as the core, realize our country to the energy type lithium ion battery power is to focus on the car for the power battery large-scale industrialization breakthrough. This view, the lithium ion battery has long been clear for new energy vehicle battery development direction.

At present, our country of lithium-ion batteries in the listed company byd, shuguang shares, chengdu integration, desay battery, the new cosmic nations, day heavily favored coperition together. Analysts think, new energy vehicles planning is certainly the relevant industry good form.

According to China securities analysis and, in 2015, 500000 a new energy vehicle battery pull for 6 billion WH (watts) demand, the $9 billion market value space, every year for lithium battery contribution 10% of the composite faster growth, additional electronic, electric bicycle on the drive, the battery industry can keep the 5 years about 25% of the compound annual growth rate, but for industry supply competition is intense, enterprise and no BaoFaShi opportunity may grow steadily.

Although the new energy vehicles will be in policy are under constant support and promote, but its own technical bottleneck or the biggest constraints, huatai securities said policy appearing can only cause plate of related stocks short-term performance, and difficult to maintain. The company itself technical innovation and the change of resources will have a positive impact on share prices.

Three factors determine who can win

"From the current domestic new energy vehicle technology perspective, battery material technology and the international still has the disparity, power car batteries diaphragm only laboratory products.children tricycles manufacturer Domestic battery diaphragm of global demand than 33% of domestic enterprises, and less than 10, accounting for global market share is only 11%." Have related industry analysts said.

According to the reporter from the relevant personage inside the industry place understands, at present, in China's automobile electron battery related standard is still in the blueprint stage there are three factors that decide the enterprise future could win.

First is technology, battery technology mainly includes formula, baby tricycle manufacturerbattery design and group technology, now in giant formula gap is not obvious, the main difference between battery design and embodied in the group. Among them, the biggest difference between group technology, battery group involving machinery, electronics and other fields, the current domestic group technology still needs to be improved, the battery life is usually only a quarter of the monomer battery.

Second is the production process, lithium battery technology link includes ingredients, coating, baking, pressure, Thomas slice, giant in every link has a unique process, the technology of the large difference between different factories.

The third is money, power battery need to continue to technology and equipment for investment, investment in a period usually 5-1 billion yuan, it is a small factory capital strength support power battery investment. At present domestic lithium battery production equipment basic with domestic primarily, part of the enterprise buy import equipment, test equipment on every year in giant investment in 1000-20 million yuan.

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