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« Consumers of electric vehicles, according to the aeration "hole daddy" the half a year three times The battery industry boom picks up the new battery into profit growth point »

The electric car route gradually lithium electricity in the application of long-term dividends

For the application prospect of lithium electricity, the industry generally optimistic about the new energy vehicles especially the electric car of promotion. But the new energy vehicles "1025" plan "but before the Spring Festival of a standing committee of state council meeting be returned revision, has not been announced, related development train of thought in the industry also has certain controversial.

"Now the lithium electricity industry chain in China gradually formed, but away from the true industrialization some distance away. For China's auto industry, for example, it is a key components for the first time in the industry appears, controversial is normal." Industrial economy research institute of the Chinese academy of industrial development ZhaoYing leadership said.

He said that at present China have reached a consensus of the development of new energy to the step is: grow first hybrid cars to pure electric cars to fuel cell cars, "it all over the world recognized".

"From the Chinese government is concerned,tricycle for adults focusing on the development of new energy vehicle to plug-in hybrid vehicles, pure electric car research and development and large-scale demonstration project. Key parts, including the battery and battery new materials, motor, etc." ZhaoYing said.

According to he introduces, the central government launched a series of encouraging new energy vehicle purchase financial tax preferential policies, drive the key parts of the growth of the manufacturing capacity, cost also began to fall, such as lithium ion battery price per watts by 7-8 yuan RMB to 3 yuan per watts,trike for toddlers lithium electricity basically satisfy the comprehensive efficiency of the industrialization of new energy vehicle demand (in state subsidies). However, he also mentioned the new energy vehicles exist in the industrialization of problems, such as PiLiangHua production is not enough, maturity and the overall product such countries have 10 years of gap, etc.

"The car industry think the lithium battery energy density at least to improve one to two times to reach the future needs. And power battery basis-the diaphragm, a motor and electronic control system of basic components, you still need to import. Permanent magnet motor for rare earth materials refining technology and countries such as Germany and Japan, there is a big gap between, also need to import." ZhaoYing said.

Is also due to the above problems are, China's new energy vehicles industrialization, can fully according to the government of the original idea, and other planning also suffered during childbirth.

In the recently held in Beijing of the 12 th China international petroleum and petrochemical equipment exhibition "gap, the workers believe department GuiHuaSi development planning everywhere YaoJun accept our reporter long interview said, has attracted much attention of the new energy vehicles" 1025 "plan" after the revision is expected to release in the first half.

"The conclusion is:kid tricycle save energy cars and new energy vehicles parallel development, appropriate development of alternative energy vehicles, don't give up the traditional energy saving technology progress." ZhaoYing said China's strategic goal is set in 2015, all kinds of hybrid cars account for 10% to 15% of the passenger vehicles, plug-in hybrid commercially, pure electric vehicles accounted for 3%-5% of passenger car, the fuel cell car small-scale demonstration operation. In 2020, all kinds of hybrid cars accounted for passenger car 20-30%, realize the without subsidies.

Securities analysts DengXinRong think senior founder, lithium battery in some fields of lead-acid battery replacement will speed up the process, especially will focus on electric bicycle and communication stations, and other fields, key can focus on lithium, manganese resource-based enterprises and related materials class company.


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