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China green building intelligent card market is a big chance

With the construction of sustainable development of approval for more and more high, especially the Chinese global green building market is containing the very great opportunity.

"Green building in China at present the approval of more and more high, many building energy efficiency is higher than the lowest standard, but still hasn't reached the standard of green architecture system. So in the energy use of existing buildings transformation we have great opportunity." A few days ago, in international intelligence green and energy-saving building of new technology and products expo, united technologies subsidiaries of joint technology environment, kid tricyclescontrol and security ShuRe think that Asian President told reporters.

As a leading air conditioning and refrigeration system, building automation systems and security solutions suppliers of security, united technologies environment, control and security enjoy extensive sustainable products and services, including many famous market leading brand, such as the carrier, set treasure, Kate, etc.

The past talk about energy efficiency, the main concern is the amount of energy consumed by building how many, ShuRe thought to tell a reporter, now tell energy efficiency, more important is building construction of material in use, and it the impact on the environment. For example we consider carpet in the use of materials, people will care about whether it used renewable material? The location of the process, will consider such location can be driven to the convenience of transportation around? Or can bring certain pressure? The inside of the staff is the need to drive, riding a bicycle, or by bus to go to work?

Green building to emphasize that intelligence, trike for toddlersintelligent building is a new concepts and trends. Now the new building into a lot of intelligent elements, such as in the fire detection and early warning, security and air conditioning lighting, all need through the computer processing. But ShuRe think points out, there is no such a system, will be able to separate, independent system, integrated in a computer platform of information processing, and the building of the optimized operation efficiency. Because of this, united technologies from the Angle of strategy based on the business integration, established new business units-joint technology environment, control and security.

In talking about China's future comprehensive building solutions market expectations, ShuRe think said, comprehensive building solutions of the market in China is based on the concept of weak electric contractor reflect. Elv total package ShangShiChang scale from about 10 billion yuan RMB and even greater market scale. "The business of our chances are, we can put the different system of information integration to unity on the platform of the information, make this can get more effective use of. We can do is to the existing market with more value." ShuRe think said.

The reporter understands, at present, trikes for boysthe carrier in three elv total package company have equity participation, respectively) and the company, Beijing hangzhou medium-range company and guangdong yuean company, main will security, hvac and security lighting control wait five to six system integration together.

In order to further strengthen the building energy management ability, carrier would also like to take this opportunity to announce shenzhen das intellitech Co., LTD. Establish strategic partner relationship. Some of the business is to transform the energy consumption of the old buildings.

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