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AoKeMa response to share price moved: future still focus refrigeration electrical appliances

According to the sound of the economy the trading live "report, moved last year AoKeMa company annual net profit of 46.57% year-on-year drop, and the company this year not to share out bonus, but today the company new energy vehicle by the good news policy affects, share price seal to harden, reporters interviewed the company stock affairs representative.

Securities affairs representative: I think is mainly three aspects reasons, first, last year the household electrical appliance industry raw materials and artificial cost rise faster, we all know that the two years artificial cost rise more quickly, so that caused the company to gross margin decline. In addition, the company this two years from the channel is planning on 12 began returning to market, first, second level market upfront input is larger. The third, and now the company is seeking product and industry transformation and upgrade, the company product upgrades upfront input will be more big, and these industry have not to output.

Although the company performance last year fell, but today is new energy vehicle impact of the good news, the company's stock line to harden, new policy on company what influence?

Securities affairs representative: there are certain stimulation, in fact now the biggest selling company part is electric bicycle, electric car industry project because is still in the incubation periods, trike for 1 year oldthe whole scale, the last year's actual sales income is two thousand to, the contribution to the company sales and profit contribution is small.

Market rumors, the company this year to realize the low speed of fully electric car independent production, the news is true?

Securities affairs representative: this product at present there is, but the whole electric car industry a year of sales are small, two thousand than relative to our more than $40 sales income fortricycles for older children, the proportion of very small, the project is in the incubation periods. The company didn't put the electric cars as its main business to do. At present the company or products and the upgrading of industrial structure, the company sales income structure, refrigeration home appliance still account for the vast majority part, is another part of electric car, again a little bit smaller is little electricity, its main business basically has determined the refrigeration electrical home appliances, home is moving car and life home appliance.

Attachment everbright securities investment consulting girls. In today AoKeMa how the harden, for what reason?

Girls: today national guidelines to support the development of the electric car planning on the company have certain positive stimulation. The plan come out later, formal concept or electric cars and not so obvious, and even has many stocks appeared callback phenomenon, is because harden falls too early, and once in the market has been forgotten. In addition, absolutely price is too low, from the company's securities data report can see, company of the electric vehicle is really low gross margins, and in the second half of 2011 in the second half of the gross profit margin appear month-on-month decline of situation. ride on cars supplierAnyway, this company electric bicycle so far the first big or brand, have competition ability. The future for a period of time, the company in the development of the electric field and not very optimistic.

Gross profit margin decline is a subject of products must be the impact of rising costs, the first cells and labor costs rise sharply continuous extrusion the company's profit margins. From now trend perspective, can location for the market to hype, as long as there is subjects, there were some low shares for active, AoKeMa also took a car, mainly is the low price is the attention of hot money, its continuous rise sharply to market the recovery of a popular role, but if the fundamentals is not very good, passive chase high there are still buying bigger risk. AoKeMa company now just transformation, the future for a period of time the company profit growth are very difficult, everybody in this one of stocks or care should be taken to go up.

We all know AoKeMa is to rely on cold chain with, annual report this year will also decided to upgrade as the future of the business cold chain development, but why said he also involved in the field of electric cars?

Girls: first electric refrigerator, in the market in a complete state of basic competition, we first spell of the product quality, the second is spell price, gross margin also is not very high, kids tricycle suppliernow refrigerator, ice only 21.75% gross margin, everyone knows that the rise in the cost of resistance is hard, prices are the old brand of other pressing problems is quite large, and their main single, market share is not particularly high, brand image than in big brand has a gap, can say to create some new profit margins to risk dispersedly, most enterprise go this step, the company tried to do so at least means he has bigger company management of enterprising confidence, going to put this company's development, it still is worth market for sure.

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