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Auto supplies: domestic battery use period more than 15 months

By the end of 2011, the electric bicycle quantities rose about of 3.5 million vehicles, by the end of this year, that number is expected to reach 4 million cars. An electronic bicycle in the 5 years of use period, the need to SiWuKuai batteries. "This seminar organizer shanxi electric bicycle industry association ZhangXiaoNa secretary-general introduces, at present market electric bicycle, 90% for including cadmium lead-acid battery. And according to the work of the previous letter released backward production technology and equipment and product guidance catalogue," including cadmium more than 0.002% of the lead-acid battery "is due at the end of 2013 knocked out, and are allowed to production, sales, use and adopted. The current domestic battery use period for more than 15 months. So, in the sale and use of link, September 30 days should be electric bicycle including cadmium battery" dying "time. Otherwise, consumer is in 2013 years later use issues facing the risk of product.

According to professional sources, tricycles for toddlersincluding cadmium battery are included in the list of elimination, mainly is for the discharge, charging process and existing in the waste pollution, cadmium chemical toxicity is very big, cadmium through the respiratory tract and digestive tract enters human body, formed in the body metallothionein, through the blood throughout the body, and in the kidney and liver accumulation, cause anemia, high blood pressure, kidney damage, neuralgia, and endocrine disorders. Cadmium on reproductive cells have selective poison effect, still can make bone growth and metabolism thwarted and thus cause osteoporosis, atrophy and deformation, etc.

In the provincial capital near big camp some brand electric bicycle store, is the choose and buy electric bicycle consumers reflects Mr. Zhang, "his electric cars, as long as a dashboard showed up,tricycle for 2 year old the voltage of power supply will drop, and the neighbor's electric car has not been a problem." Has more than 10 years of operating history admitted the shopkeeper, "you the bicycle Ann's is probably no cadmium battery, which can accelerate the sustained, durable electric car batteries, mostly contain cadmium." This is the one that relies on chart? A famous domestic battery production enterprise technology researchers said, "because process and technical limitations in the explosive force, the circulation service life, sustainable energy index, provide the at present no cadmium lead-acid battery do with cadmium than lead-acid batteries sent some. But now some of the domestic famous enterprise production no cadmium lead-acid battery performance has improved, the price is a little change."

Visit found that about including cadmium cell alternative products, at present the market basically has two kinds, one kind is lithium battery, but its weakness is obvious,trike for 1 year old a 48 V-12 AH specifications of ordinary lead-acid battery of about 450 yuan, and the same specification of lithium battery is to your 1 times as much, the price of lithium battery expensive for most consumers prohibitive; Another is no cadmium lead-acid battery, price and contain cadmium lead-acid battery difference, just.36 performance. Most consumers said provincial capital, in buying electric bicycle, don't pay attention to cell with contains no cadmium, all by using experience or sales staff to recommend. Suggest to the departments concerned should require related production enterprise of cadmium battery and no cadmium battery on the exterior was obviously unmarked, in order to consumer choice.


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