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Consumers of electric vehicles, according to the aeration "hole daddy" the half a year three times

Consumers in a Mr. Zhou also bought a car "in lai of" brand electric bike, however, less than half a year but there appears three place fault, the third time of repair, replacement Mr Zhou proposed requirements, but be sales merchants and manufacturers to refuse. The author the day before yesterday the scene after the interview, the businessman and the manufacturer sales, said again next to communicate with consumers solve.

Bought a new bike of power in lai

Ride the soon change battery

Last November 11,, Mr. Zhou to WuWei road crossing a red road car, auto sales staff to recommend a version of TDR272Z, battery for 48 v's power of brand in bicycle, said of this power bicycle batteries can, after 50-60 km drive, the price is 2150 yuan. A bargain, the two sides of 2100 yuan transactions.

Mr Zhou said, after he bought the car, riding reaching a total of 100 kilometers, it was found that the "battery voltage on not to come", a bridge wuning chugging, the car not climb up,tricycle baby have to push to get off. After the event, he went to the production business, each other and say "battery voltage on not to come" is caused by the temperature low, dealers said in Mr. Zhou production to hundreds of yuan paste it to his replacement of a better battery. "I buy is the vehicle, why should I paste hundreds of yuan money?" Mr. Zhou didn't agree.

January 6, hear Mr. Zhou sales business of situation, free to give him for a "sea treasure battery", because the battery of new change to influence the seat cushion, and free for a new seat cushion. In these parts change, Mr. Zhou and found the electric bicycle reducing vibration device had problems, hence demand businessman also gives replacement. Merchants agreed to change, and to call Mr. Chou says it will replace vibration reduction device of time.

Changing the battery fix vibration reduction

Completed the vibration reduction battery was bad

Mr. Zhou, the businessman to give his replacement vibration reduction device phone call, but the wait two months and no wait. Meantime, he has a ride the bike when power travel nearly accidents. Two months later, Mr. Zhou initiative to request a change of garage sales vibration reduction device, businesses to provide the corresponding services.

However, before the change after reducing vibration device, Mr. Zhou and discovered that the original sea treasure battery replacement again "beat" the phenomenon, "the electric bicycle how so poor, change the battery, the anti-vibration device is broken again, the anti-vibration device it well, change to the battery and" beat ". Mr. Zhou think, this is two maintenance the third maintenance, according to the country "3 packets" regulation,tricycle baby trikes should to change. Such a request by the businessman refused, he also put forward according to the difference of change, better configuration or other brand of car, also by the businessman to refuse. Each other only agree to give him a replacement battery.

Mr. Zhou to provide the author of the electric power in accordance with up to 3 packets of period, and the scope of clear, "vehicle repair kit a year", the battery (i.e. battery) "package appears to be six months a year, and a new battery, 7 to 12 months in service battery". However, maintenance record form only 6 January, replace the battery this article a treasure. Mr Zhou said, about the vibration reduction device maintenance records, he require companies fill in, but the other side insists to don't want to fill in.

Businessman says fault is human can't change

Manufacturers say three times the fault the same position

Eve, the author in the garage scene, Mr. Zhou send the vibration reduction device has the power bicycle repaired. By the side of the front DuanGuangLiang bearing, Mr Zhou said, that is a recent change up.tricycles for 3 year olds The car battery position is still place empty, head of the Mr. Li admitted that sales business, Mr. Zhou that bike power battery "beat" bicycle phenomenon was in have replaced a battery, repaired a vibration reduction device again after failure, but this time, the fault is for Mr. Zhou will charger on electric power on the bike vibration bad, then in charge of the vibration caused by bad charger, is Mr. Zhou caused by people, not in "3 packets" range, according to the national 3 packets of regulations cannot give a replacement, but willing to change a new battery, plus subsidies 200 yuan.

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