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« The electric car route gradually lithium electricity in the application of long-term dividends Faw Toyota high put: transformation model car marketing the new mode »

The battery industry boom picks up the new battery into profit growth point

Along with the lead-acid battery industry related access conditions and lithium electricity, lead by carbon batteries, and the growing popularity of the new battery, the battery industry quarter hit 'picks up, the expected future will be in electric bicycle, electric cars and energy storage of large scale application catalyst get development.

The battery industry boom first lead acid battery industry thanks to strictly access. March 1,, work and study to the letter she drafted the lead battery industry access conditions (draft) said the access conditions ") issued a formal and to solicit comments from the public. This means that for lead-acid battery industry since last year the national reorganization into a new stage, the future efforts will further increase the consolidation in the industry.

According to the camels shares (,)tricycle baby the chairman LiuGuoBen introduction, access to introduce the conditions will have great influence to the battery industry, such as promote the upgrading of the industrial structure, optimize and improve the production process, increase the technical renovation, reducing pollution emission, etc.

"In this situation, 2012 quarter overall battery industry is going well. On the one hand, the auto possession increase year by year; on the other hand, environmental regulation out behind. These factors of production capacity to big, medium-sized battery the development of the enterprise." LiuGuoBen said, for the camel for shares,trike for toddlers the company quarter normal production management, production, sales have different levels of growth.

On the other hand, "access conditions of lithium battery and some of the new type of lead-acid batteries will also bring opportunities for development. According to the "access conditions of the type, dual polarity, lead carbon battery (super battery) and so on the new lead construction project from battery production capacity constraints.

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