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Over youth riding solar electric bicycle advocate low carbon

7, with more than young people riding mainland China first car solar electric bicycle, become the ningde city streets in fujian province on a beautiful scenery line. Over young entrepreneurs, environmental protection volunteers, journalists and writers participate in riding.

"For the first time to participate in such activities, kids tricyclefeeling pretty comfortable, the scenery is pretty good also, solar electric bicycle is fit for modern environmental protection, energy saving philosophy of life." In the riding Abram said to can, in the future, will pay more attention to environmental protection and energy saving, low carbon life.

The Chinese mainland first a solar electric bicycle "le than", the aviation body materials, vehicle weighs only 18 kilograms, whole car after folding length of only 1/3 of original, suitable for workers and travelers. Organizers of introduction, the purpose of this event is to focus on human health, vigorously promote the ningde city green environmental protection public welfare activity the further development and the need for more power to participate in the environmental protection.

On the same day, reporters from riding, about seven kilometers all along the way, the construction of the ningde feel green livable city results. After more than a hour ride, riding team arrived at one of the main attractions of fujian countryside on JinBei village. When the weekend, reporter discovery, has the good environment and rich original she JinBei village on the amorous feelings, to attract a lot of visitors.

The ningde people's broadcasting station and listen to the organization in a riding, and in "tricycle baby trikesthe plant the she" on JinBei village planting trees. "Mainly through this way to advocate public green, environmental protection, energy saving, health, low carbon way of life." The host ChuLiang tells a reporter,electric ride on cars the day of activities radio synchronous live, and the audience share riding experience, through the waves called for more people to raise environmental awareness and participation in the "low carbon" action.

In recent years, the ningde strive to create new green livable city, the center city function continued ascension, city center area is from 2005 from 11.8 square kilometers to expand the 23 square kilometers, the built-up city green coverage rate 40.1%, per capita public green land area of 13.6 square meters.

In December 2010, the ningde among "fujian provincial garden city", a green livable city early prototype to show. At present, the ningde is actively create national garden city.

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