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Faw Toyota high put: transformation model car marketing the new mode

Honored guests, media friends:

Everybody is good!

Very happy and you come to Beijing, and I represent faw Toyota, long time to give our trust and support all friends of express heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings!

The word "transition" for we are not strange, living in this era, all of each can feel the social transformation to our life and values of the impact of. As a in the auto industry from decades of people, experience of China from a bicycle power development to auto power, experience of the development of automobile industry highs and lows, tricycle babyI feel deeply "transition". From the view of marketing, and share my "transformation view".

Experienced 09, ten years of rapid development, China's automobile industry slowdown in 2011 feet, this gives us a review on China market, the future development of the opportunity. It is not difficult to find that, whether national policy adjustments or passenger car sales growth slowed the cumulative, whether the rise of new media or consumer consciousness of change, that the Chinese auto industry by automobile enterprise as the leading seller's market, has been gone forever, began to face society, spreading context as well as automobile consumption environment of transformation.

First is the social transformation, make vehicles related social problem increasingly prominent, the enterprise needs to be in the product, the brand marketing remaining, pay attention to the output of the public value. Western auto industry through the years of development, the formation of a mature car civilizations, trike for toddlersand China more than ten years of development of a blowout, will this course rapid evolution again, and cause the car civilization can't keep up with the development of the car industry. Early into the car society, cause and auto related social problems often see made public, for auto possession increase congestion problems bring, air pollution problem also initiated the social debate. As the car and the crisis produced strong relevance, as automobile manufacturers must prevent our brand and the social bad phenomenon linked, need to pay attention to the output value through the public, to establish brand and public order of good morals positive associations. "To promote social contribution to the development of the car power" is one of the faw Toyota enterprise mission, in order to realize the people, vehicles, and society, and the natural harmonious coexistence, faw Toyota in several areas assiduous, together with the owner and through public value of output, common rich faw Toyota brand connotation. For example, trikes for boyslast year we support you RuiZhi launched by the sharp line in the world "drive civilization relay, in nearly three days' time, through seven cities from the national REIZ RuiZhi CheYouHui, in nearly 3000 miles of accumulative total cruise for thousands of miles to about" drive civilization "signature promise. Be like again, faw Toyota long-term commitment to the popularization of new energy technology, February just listing of the new prius, as the world's first hybrid cars volume production, its 1.8 L displacement engine can realize ordinary car 2.4 L displacement of car power, and km fuel consumption of just 4.3 L. We expect through the introduction of the prius to domestic consumers to promote green travel green idea.

Next is the spread of context, the transformation of traditional media and new media to play an important role in the auto business to create more communication manner. The rapid development of new media not only bring the change of the communication means, more bring transmission way and the spread of the efficiency of the profound changes. Including micro bo, SNS, WEB2.0 technology, causes the enterprise to interact with users more direct, fast, and also make communication more precise and effective. This requests us in this period, keep pace with the steps, according to work out the new changes the transmission mode. To faw Toyota, is in the traditional way to spread at the same time, explore new media for the mode of transmission. The former, faw Toyota have attention and media of communication, will be hold each year will drive more than a media, such as last year's "joy drive carnival", crown and RuiZhi brand of the national media depth will drive, for media know faw Toyota product and brand create opportunities. In the use of new media, we also at many try, such as last year's "today do not limited to pick you up RuiZhi-" the official launch micro bo activities, as well as the RAV4 micro movie" Allen and chunxiao "is also very popular in the market a series of new media field" micro marketing "make faw Toyota user viscosity enhancement, likability also made great ascension.

The last is the transformation of consumption environment, make the consumer to further improve the status, enterprise "to find god". With the market to the buyer's market shift, and micro bo "from media" property of consumers right bring strengthen consumers together enough to create a strong volume. Consumer identity of such a change, requests the enterprise continue to consumers as the center, also pay attention to the consumer experience, provide consumers and business opportunities, thus to build the enterprise brand image. To this, faw Toyota last year proposed "the experience marketing", through the "joy drive carnival" the faw Toyota the largest, most complete vehicles and longest all the brand experience activities, to tens of thousands of consumers and media reporter revealing faw Toyota of goods, services and brand concept,used adult tricycles and participants Shared the "create a joy car life" values. For another example, faw Toyota from the year before the launch of the "transparent workshop" activities, invite a lot of media friends, users to distribution shops and factories carried on the detailed visit experience, this kind of transparency is through the "touch it, see" of the process, increase the user's information, so as to enhance the brand of credit.

Marketing is a very need to creative work. Car society, spreading context, consumption environment in the transformation of our marketing work for the challenges at the same time, also create the great opportunities. Believe that as long as adhere to the user as the center, faw Toyota will be better to meet the user of the increasingly rich dynamic demand, and users to create brand value. At the same time, we also will in the future work as a focus and everyone stay close communication, hope you continue to offer our support. Thank you!

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