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The dragon baby boom gradually now preempted the infant child is in its market

2012 is the traditional dragon, the dragon baby making it after the baby of the hottest keywords, China family again) small peak, the emergence of a baby boom will infant child economic new waves. On the eve of the dragon, Chinese toys and the infant child goods association sized up the situation, the combination of cologne in 2012 China jointly sponsored exhibition infant child exhibition, help at home and abroad the infant child supplies brand and enterprises to exploit the infant child market blue ocean.

Powerful combination atop the infant child exhibitions

According to not complete count, China's current the infant child supplies years total consumption alone one hundred million yuan scale, but because China regional, cultural, parenting habits, a significant difference in the infant child market share but overwhelmingly the brand does not see more. Unfortunately, the real national the infant child supplies few exhibition,tricycles for disabled children and global trade platform in China but also present a deficiency, it seriously restricted the infant child industry brands and production enterprise, rapid marketing layout, brand promotion.

In 2011, for the first time after independence China the infant child show a great victory, should the exhibitors and professional buyers urge, Chinese toys and the infant child goods association will stand area more than double. The exhibition layout, at the same time, the association and wide and external resources,china children cars and the world's largest the infant child articles exhibition-" cologne in Germany, K + J international baby, youth clothing and articles exhibition "cologne exhibition organizers have reached a cooperation agreement. In 2012, China the infant child exhibition location "two-way internationalization", will fill the mainland China without international the infant child articles exhibition of vacancies, greatly improve the accuracy of all exhibitors marketing and communication breadth, realize the diversity of promotion purposes.

The exhibitors for and provide the integration solutions

As competition consciousness and the concept of brand rapid promotion, enterprise promotion platform to demand more and more. Chinese toys and the infant child goods association has more than 10 years of experience since host exhibition, under the Chinese toy show also has developed for mainland China the first big "international"ride on cars manufacturer professional toy fair, and exhibition held each year cologne about 70 more international exhibition, exhibition organizing and ease, more important is gathered a large number of global the infant child supplies purchaser giants, the infant child exhibition for China successfully held laid solid foundation.

China the infant child exhibition to create 365 day never ending trade platform, the organizers have through the mainstream search engine marketing, media exposure, plane advertisement strong alliance bombing type publicity, cooperation promotion, information on exhibition partner resources transfer of depth, and carry out the seamless promotion, infinite ascension exhibition influence; At the same time, in order to meet different the infant child supplies enterprises to different market demand, the organizers also through the network platform, magazine spread authority recommended column and directional phone directly invitation and fruitful way, offers one-on-one personalized services; In addition, the organizers also provide credit evaluation, evaluation, and the stars' star 'contest and industry report and other unique value-added service projects, and help the exhibitors maximize returns.

Rich exhibits, and promote the development TongQuan infant industry chain

At present, China the infant child exhibition in the industry influence became known, kunshan in jiangsu province, anhui ShuCheng, hebei flat township, zhejiang pinghu, ningbo and guangdong dongguan, zhongshan, tap into the infant child supplies will be the main group, including: Aprica, Chicco, Jdbug, Hauck, good boy, huier's little angel, best, frost, wei kay, MaiKeYing fu, HaiZiWang, YiYing joy, and SanLe, mommy treasure, bell, f beibei, the holy to the and so on, many at home and abroad excellent the infant child supplies brand and enterprise already rob in the spring before selection booths.

In 2012, the association and cologne exhibition to innovation marketing strategy, to rely on China to promote the infant child exhibition industry development. Keep the stroller, safety in seat,children tricycles china child's bed etc advantages exhibits at the same time, have increased this year "children's clothes/shoes," "nurtures the infant child supplies" theme exhibition, especially pay attention to wash protect supplies, feeding supplies, the infant child furniture and daily products brands and enterprise development and promotion.

With China's boomer appear again, and overseas economic recovery, the infant child economic hidden great commercial value has been attracting the attention, participate in China the infant child exhibition is undoubtedly a fast market weight of winning. More to the point, Chinese toy fair and China brand licensing exhibition and China the infant child exhibition held on, three exhibition linkage, for the infant child supplies enterprise integrated marketing communications, realize the brand, the integration of resources and platform provides excellent opportunity.

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