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« The state quality inspection administration spot check the quality of the three children's products Valentine's day comes, stroller marketing do? »

Good boy Nike strategic cooperation together develop the electronic commercial platform upgrades

Recently, China's leading international children's products with the world's largest goodbaby group enterprise in Shanghai sports brand Nike signed electronic business cooperation agreement. In the future,children tricycles good boy group will be in charge of Nike Young Athletes (Nike children) in China's network marketing. This means that the big mergers goodbaby group Nike the greater China region e-commerce partner, and Nike Young Athletes (Nike children) will also be in China's e-commerce platform established on the official flagship store.

Goodbaby group chairman SongZhengHai and Nike sports vice President and general manager of the greater China region JiKaiGe Nike to attend the activity, and the completed the signing ceremony. Good children in the past 10 years and Nike sports has established good relations of cooperation, and good children have Nike in the children's clothing in the world's largest register double-digit year-on-year, is the largest category of Nike global children of the agent.

Deep turns, to create high quality service experience

It is based on both sides of the past in high-end children's clothing and cooperation electronic commerce development of common goal, contributed to the cooperation. Good boy with its huge terminal network,tricycle for adults and increasing the scale of members, to build a more brand, and the category of electronic business service platform, two big brands in the development direction completely.

To this, the boy the chairman SongZhengHai says, "good boy electric business platform development has two principles can't throw, the first is to stick to the brand road, united international high-quality domestic brand jointly promote the maternal and infant industry maternal and infant electrical contractor standardized development, create user can trust, tricycle adult the loyal sincere degree of tall shopping platform; the second is online, combined with traditional line will be the terminals of the enterprise into online advantage, advantage from each other and have set up the unique differentiation of e-commerce."

At present, in the good boy official flagship store (haohaizi. Com) has a good boy, Nike Young Athletes (Nike children) and other international well-known maternal and infant brand, category covers the baby strollers, car seat, eat chair, stroller, clothing, mother-baby care products and other 16 types, almost meet the mother for preschool children from pregnancy to all the needs of business products. In order to better promote Nike Young Athletes (Nike children) brand,baby trikes good boy for its alone opens the brand new to the four categories are the direct show, the convenient user choose goods. In addition, good boy still and industry is mature, large B2C website collaboration, will own and proprietary brand products, according to the classification of goods in different implant series, greatly increased the rate of consumer goods contact.

In addition, "haohaizi. Com" in the boy's official website also established links entrance. According to information, good boy official websites for good boy scientific nurture nets, trikes for boys are good children insist for a long time promoting scientific nurture movement of the public platform, now has 1500 child-development experts long-term online to parents parenting advice, and provide the interactive communication BBS. Online for 12 years, have a large number of members of the stability of every day, more than 280000 people have visited, the largest number of a day or even more than 1.08 million people, the mature and huge advantage platform for good boy flagship store saved a lot of popularity.

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