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Nike shoes stand hand in hand goodbaby group controlling China's children's clothing market

February 17,-SongZhengHai goodbaby group chairman, said yesterday that group is to promote to retail as the core business boy China trading company (hereinafter referred to as good boy China) listed as soon as possible,children tricycles and plans to achieve yuan in 2015 sales targets, with the e-commerce sales will reach 3 billion yuan.

February 16,, the world's largest goodbaby group announced and sports brand Nike strategic cooperation upgrade to jointly develop the electronic commercial platform. SongZhengHai in signing the news conference said.

According to the agreement, goodbaby group will be in charge of Nike Young Athlet ES (Nike children) in China's network marketing.

SongZhengHai says, plan future three years of online sales reach children's wear Nike offline 50% of sales amount, help Nike realize the dream of children's clothes become China's dominance.

It is reported, and Nike alliance goodbaby group is part of the e-business strategy. Since the second half of 2010 since launch electronic business, good boy last year's online sales of around 60 million yuan,tricycles for sale SongZhengHai says, online sales growth very soon, confidence in the end of 2015 in annual sales reached 3 billion yuan.

Goodbaby group electronic commerce on development of China for good children online sales platform.

SongZhengHai also disclosed yesterday,trikes for boys because the retail business development for greater investment, will promote good boy of China's listed as soon as possible, that is expected to happen next year target can be reached, although not rule out the possibility of listed in China, but because the domestic listed queuing time is too long, the most likely place is listed overseas.

Good boy group's good boy international [2.360.86 %] holding Co.,tricycles for older children LTD (HK. 01086, hereinafter referred to as the good boy international) 2010 years already listed in Hong Kong, and listing of the core business for the children's durable goods, including baby strollers, car safety seat, children bicycle and the tricycle, electric toy car and baby bed business. And the large scale development of mom and good boy, Mothercare store retail business in the listed companies have not yet injection.

SongZheng say, good boy international also plan in 2015 to ten billion yuan sales. Last year, the whole of the goodbaby group retail sales reached 6 billion yuan.


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