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« The dragon baby boom gradually now preempted the infant child is in its market "The fine five door" will not unified stroller industry? »

Henan music week with small accessories industry bicycle out big industries

China is called "the kingdom of bicycles", now in this even in general are social car, bicycle is particularly small, and its accessories is more little thing. But henan song weeks to assign this man is little thing, the small bicycle accessories made into a big industries. The county is currently engaged bicycle accessories industry more than 1800,tricycle for adults from personnel 10000 more than person, the market share has amounted to 20% of the market share at home and abroad, the annual production value amount to 3.2 billion yuan, export $400 million.

From the market itself looking for a way out

"The disadvantages into advantage, squeezed of survival." County wei secretary LinYuanDa said, leading and ideas to be the first week of the song can always much want to step out of a way.

"Jump up and see the world, sit down and think, flapping rushed down way out." Henan Tuan town party committee secretary LuJunFeng said, although is a native of farmers, but with the concept of "the market" to guide their commercial activities, from the market itself looking for a way out. Some farmers started a quick mind bicycle fittings processing workshop, use the slack season producing bicycle saddle on 9 kinds of parts, meet market and the market stall, subsidies household. tricycles for toddlersFrom the beginning of the development of some to ten individuals, glitzy ambition dozens of people the partnership, with their "small profits and quick turnover", gradually beat a piece of heaven and earth.

LuoZhuang village is henan Tuan town famous bicycle accessories production ZhuanYeCun. The villagers to agricultural production before as the main income, the day JinBaBa. In the 80 s led to LuoGuiJun of a few people raised bicycle parts processing, through the development of snowball type, formed the bicycle accessories of ice now Co., LTD. The village shows only 900 people, but launched 76 enterprises, foreign staff working has more than 1000 people, bicycle parts gradually become a drive the whole village of rich heritage.

Bicycle parts out of the country

Recently, in henan Tuan town bike accessories and stroller production enterprise handan hundred million air vehicle industry Co., LTD product exhibition hall, two from the Philippines, customers are visiting all kinds of bicycle accessories. After negotiations, a group of orders worth $800000 in this company smooth signing. This is the county bicycle parts out of the country of a miniature.

"Our bicycle accessories industry although started early,tricycle for 2 year old but backward production process, the shift of production and operation mode, the farmers' professional want of knowledge restricted industrial development." Henan Tuan town mayor ZhengLin English said.

In recent years, they to create good faith bicycle accessories enterprise as a breakthrough, actively guide enterprise "the strong quality, the good image", increasing investment for technical reform. Add the large strength, to more advanced equipment to adapt to the needs of the development of the market; Scientific and technological innovation, note absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced technology, improve the added value of products, to meet the needs of the market new products, to complete the enterprise expansion and class upgrade, improve to market and to resist the ability of the risk.

Company general manager HeQingBin introduced said: "a enterprise in the intense market to get a place, advanced products and first-class equipment is the magic weapon to win. This year the reform of enterprises for the technology fund nearly ten million yuan. These accessories all export to Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other countries, export $6 million."

It is reported, at present the county has made many scale enterprise and 12 bicycle accessories ZhuanYeCun, is gradually become the national big bicycle, stroller, electric car accessories production center, the products are wide to sell all over the country, most of the products are exported to southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Africa, years to achieve output value 3.2 billion yuan, export $400 million.

Create bicycle accessories brand highlands
"How to make music ZhouHeNa Tuan town by a bicycle accessories center, into creating bicycle accessories brand of highland?" This is not only the town people care about, but also the county, the county government set out to solve the problem. "Redouble efforts, based on extension project industrial chain link, spare no efforts to promote the bicycle accessories industry mention file upgrade." The county planning implementation the total covers an area of 4100 acres of bicycle accessories coaching base project, to build the capacity upgrade of typical samples.

It is reported, bicycle parts coaching base project to create sets bicycles, electric car accessories stroller, research and development, production, sales for the integration of industry gathering area for the purpose, will realize the bicycle industry intensification, scale and standard production, through the industry agglomeration development raise bicycles, electric car industry economic benefits and market competitiveness. At present, the project a phase of the project FuHuaOu goes well, has completed the production workshop 17, 13 enterprises has housed, for the county small and medium-sized bicycle parts families to provide the hatch development platform.

"Small parts" with the big industry, "small parts" with new vitality. Last year, tianjin lung yu vehicle industry Co., LTD. Invested 650 million yuan dolphins an annual output of 3.5 million cars stroller projects have music weeks. "This project will have TouJian stroller production base, bicycle, bassinet r&d center,used adult tricycles bicycle testing center, bicycle tyres production base and so on related chain project," generation county magistrate shi lei says, technology and effect, promote the scale effect of the benign interactive bicycle accessories industry pattern is gradually formed.


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