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The program for the development of jiangxi province children (2011-2020)



Children are the future of our motherland, the human society sustainable development is the important resources. Children's development is the national economic and social development and the progress of civilization is an important part, promote children's development, to improve the national quality, construction human resources strong province,tricycle baby bike realize the comprehensive construction well-off society goal is of decisive significance.

In 2001, jiangxi province people's government promulgated the children's program for the development of jiangxi province (2001-2010) "(hereinafter referred to as the compendium), tricycle bikes for kids to determine the health, education, children and legal protection and environmental four priority to the development of the main field goals and strategy measures. Ten years, the governments at all levels and the relevant departments, insists that the children first principle, strengthen the leadership, strengthen the responsibility,tricycles for disabled children and policies, take measures, earnest implementation, to 2010 set target outline has already realized basically, children's health standards have improved greatly, and the infant mortality rate and mortality of children under five years old plunged; Children's education had priority development, primary school-age children continue to rise;tricycles for older children Children's rights to further strengthen; Children's social security to a higher level; Children's development environment further optimization, in our province, children's survival, ride on cars china protection and development environment have been improved obviously, basic form the relatively perfect protection system the rights of children, children's career made unprecedented great achievement.

The next 10 years, it is our country the comprehensive construction well-off society, speed up the socialist modernization of the key period; The construction of ecological economic zone is the first province poyang lake of the further development of important time. But faced with less developed provinces in our province,baby tricycle china the current situation of must awake to see, in our province, the children development and the comprehensive construction well-off society goal requirements and larger difference, children's development and rights protection, still faces many problems and challenges. Birth defect rate picks up, birth population sex ratio; Between urban and rural areas and between regions of the developing condition, children level obvious difference, Pre-school education public resources,china children cars low penetration rate, compulsory education development is not balanced; Children's rights and interests protection, the network harmful information to children's erosion and among the floating population of children's health care, education, protection problems; Children's development is badly in need of human, material and financial resources invested in to increase; Children's priority to further strengthen the consciousness; Children work mechanism needs further perfection;children cars china The overall level of children's development to be further improved. Solve the children with the problems in development, promote children's survival, protection and development of children's growth environment purification, is still for a time children in the face of great and formidable task.

Improve the quality of the whole nation, children cars supplier from children is to realize the well-off society grabbed the goal of the struggle of the fundamental policy, for further optimization of children's survival, protection and development environment,children cars manufacturer promote the healthy growth of children, according to the program for the development of Chinese children (2011-2020) ", combined with the actual situation of children's development in our province, formulate the children's program for the development of jiangxi province (2011-2020) ". This outline to promote children's development as the theme, raising children is to focus on the quality, to train and bring up the harmonious society construction talent as the goal,china ride on cars the children's development business incorporated into the national economic and social development planning, strengthen the functions of the government, in the new beginning, cultivate and bring up our province realizes the science development, carry catch up, green rise need a new generation of talent. ride on cars supplier A, the guiding ideology and the basic principle

(a) the guiding principle

High the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to deng xiaoping theory and the important thought of "three represents" as a guide, thoroughly apply the scientific outlook on development, insists that the children first principle, ensure the children's survival, development and protection and participation of the right,ride on cars manufacturer narrowing the gap between urban and rural area of children's development, promote child welfare level, and improve the children's overall quality, promote children's health, overall development,china kids tricycle at a new historical starting point to further promote the scientific development, carry catch up, green rise, and for building a rich harmonious beautiful work tirelessly in jiangxi province.

(2) the basic principle

1. According to law, protect the principle. kids tricycle china In the whole process of the physical and mental development of children, according to law, protect the children's legal rights, promote children's overall healthy growth.

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