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2012, China stroller owner melody is?

For 2012 years, about 2012 stories and guess all many, who don't want to really in 2012 to the end of the world, such as "2012" as described in the film, after all to buy the tickets to only a few people.

To be in China's booming stroller industry for, 2012 is the coexistence of crisis and the hope that a year, stroller enterprise grasp can on a higher level, and grasp the bad will be heaved network offensive beat, slowly on down.

According to netease on January 12, battery powered ride on cars2012 news reports, 2011 China's Internet industry conference held yesterday, vice chairman of the Internet society of China at the meeting said gao xinmin, according to the China Internet network information centre on November last year of the measure data, China's online population is 505 million, the number of mobile phone users of 340 million.

See not hard, users of the rapid increase, after the increase of 80 parents, gradually become mainstream, will lead to 2012 stroller network marketing will be the theme of the whole Chinese stroller industry, like karts is for children of service, service is by the level of points, and the network marketing just let stroller enterprise service can fully cover to the country, and the world stroller industry.

In that case, as a stroller enterprise or bassinet dealers, we should do more clarity to the main melody? As the saying goes, children are innocent, romantic pure, with a popular idiom, tricycle baby bikeis "good".

So, in the network marketing is becoming the main melody, we need to what kind of bassinet and childrens brand? We need to solve what problems do stroller?

Maybe, we from the world stroller industry aircraft carrier of the hardcover triad in the course of development will find the answer. The second company is founded in 1997, is a has 15 years development,kids tricycle manufacturer design and production experience of professional manufacturer buggies. And, in hardcover strategic guidance, according to the requirements of the hardcover production stroller, become a stroller industry "jin" representative, models of the car body delicate design, then to consumers in the stroller show "herself" charm, provide exceed customer expectations hardcover products and sincere service.

And, in the network marketing in the era of hardcover bassinet by word of mouth, on the network quickly became popular, "Jennifer," made the triad stroller, also be broad consumer is called "the fine children's herself".

At this time, a lot of Chinese people in the industry buggies can not help but ask, why "gold" be replaced became "fine"? The obvious answer is because the second is the world heritage buggies hardcover aircraft carrier, manufacturing is perfect quality "fine" buggies, at the same time, "pure virgin herself" also expressed to the consumer's second love and trust hardcover stroller.

In 2012, we have to pay attention to, things always change, the age of the Internet, this kind of change is more "rapid". For example, in recent years, the high quality stroller has by the infant child "luxury" evolved into children's development of a necessity. From the infant trolleys, XueBuChe, to the child time the bike, bicycle, and stroller consumption group change, the upgrading of consumer market, we can see that the stroller market more and more hot, is a fact of life.

More important is, we should be in recognizing that the network marketing become the stroller owner melody, see stroller consumption back, still carried parents competitive mentality, in other words,baby tricycle manufacturer parents buy stroller, not just buy stroller, but hope to become the child's play stroller with, can help children's mental development, also because of this, the second in early a few years ago on the basis of hardcover stroller and focuses on the educational function of the stroller.

Facing 2012 years, taking into account of the Chinese market has gradually in a stroller industry saturated state, always there could have been big fish eat small fish, fish eat slow game. So, China's manufacturing enterprise should not only pay attention to buggies to the theme of change, and must carry on the product innovation and marketing innovation, to the fierce competition under the condition of survival. (LiDan)

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