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Part of the children's toys were detected chronic poisoning heavy metal?

According to CCTV reported the state quality inspection administration has specifically for kids' shoes, it baby carrier and children's toys on a national supervision inspection. According to the state quality inspection administration announced the results of random, children don't percent of pass is 17.5%, stroller not rate of 20%. And for children's toys in detecting, part of the product was found to contain heavy metal lead and chrome.

Durability testing the stroller apart
According to the selective examination results, tricycles for toddlersof the 80 children in selective examination to 14 kinds of products do not conform to the standards, belongs to the unqualified products, not the percent of pass is up to 17.5%. Unqualified project mainly involves the sensory quality, wear resistance and ordinary consumers to pay attention to the free formaldehyde, tricycle for 2 year oldcolor fastness and so on four big problems.

Relative to China, in the countries of the smoke, the stroller could achieve 20%. In the 110 stroller products selective examination, and 22 of unqualified. Baby strollers in the experimental process durability test kinetic energy, not only support the rivet armrest back off, and even the bottom of the folding locking devices steel pipe also happening ruptures, the cars were all fallen apart.

In addition, stroller's unqualified project also involves sharp tip the gate, size and mechanical strength and impact strength and other four tests.

Small parts were swallowed can cause children suffocation

This selective examination of plastic toys and electric toys most species, have 242 kinds unqualifiedly, minimum, only 8%. Although the rate of toys is very high, but unqualified products of the dangers of existing in but also the most outstanding. Testing personnel told reporters, through to the sample testing shows that children's toys is the most common unqualified project is small parts.

Because of the child in the play,used adult tricycles the little toy parts may be accidentally put into his mouth, then swallow, cause choking dangers.

Reporters noticed that the selective examination not qualified 20 kinds of children's toys, there are 13 kind of product problems are in small parts and the palpable sharp tip, accounting for 65% of the unqualified project. The detection, individual children's toys still detect the heavy metal lead and chrome.

"Buy toys more should pay attention to heavy metal"

The expert reminds, relative to the small parts and palpable sharp tip, parents in for children buy children's toys, more should pay attention to the dangers of heavy metal.

The PLA general hospital affiliated hospitals, director of pediatrics HuXiaoGong first introduced, toy contains these harmful material once in children's body, will slowly is accumulated inside body,china children cars causing the chronic poisoning.


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