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The automotive stage maintenance Xiangjie first time maintenance is very important

www.cnbabytricycle.comFirst maintenance is particularly important
    Car maintenance called for the first time children cars manufacturer to go to maintenance or running-on maintenance, according to the models of different walking together maintenance kilometers kilometers within 1500 km from 3000 km to 5000 km range, and the caution period, running-maintenance china ride on cars a top priority. At the discretion of the period, the first thing to note is the load capacity of the vehicle is not too high, even if the ride on cars supplier car industry should not be able to ride the five people full of people, one or two people in this period drove everywhere best to. Never outset on the choice of the road drove go more complicated pavement, for example: potholes truth, unusually crowded roads (vehicle stop and go on the run-in period is very bad) go smoother the highway, so that the operation of the vehicle in a fluid state. Then the problem of speed, a lot of people know the speed of the run-in period is not too fast, this is correct, but the experienced people know, from time to time that running high-speed run-in period of the vehicle instead helpful because not only the engine, transmission, four mechanical systems as well as the tires need a certain speed under sustained warm-up, let "communicate" with each other to achieve the best results.
    After a caution period was not required to change the oil in a timely manner, but if after a caution period between the run-in period is not yet complete replacement of a high-quality oil, the engine is very good for.
    After a caution period, the speed of the car can be an appropriate increase, but it is best not to over 120 km / h can be a little rough pavement some, but still need to be careful. 3000 km or 5000 km run-in period, do not top the head before we do the maintenance in advance that this change are changed, and then the whole car checking some such reasonable maintenance for the first complete vehicle very helpful in the future.
    Increase in secondary maintenance lubrication
    Car maintenance mileage is about 12,000 km, mainly to talk about lubricants, many car owners pay attention to the engine lubricating oil, but there are other places but ignored. Secondary maintenance when it is best to be replaced the transmission oil, steering boost oil and reducer oil. Mechanical aspects, such as chassis parts engine that do some big checks, especially the brake system, the replacement must be promptly replaced, in order to avoid a security risk.
In addition to the secondary maintenance, there are three times as well as future many times vehicle maintenance, in addition to some of the fixed parts of the regular maintenance, such as timing gear belt replacement, the replacement of the brake shoe, are very important.
    Paint to internal maintenance
    It touches a lot of owners happy often do. Today, the appearance of the new car paint is getting better and better, but the deteriorating environment and its somewhat hurt, so do not be sloppy for the paint, which, such as clothes, dirty to be cleaned, do not wash for a long time corrosion stains fabric you the secondary cleaning a twist on the bad. In addition to regular cleaning, car paint and also to protect, this is waxing and more advanced glazing treatment, need to pay attention to the formal beauty shop doing maintenance must.
    Within the Church is just as important, but relatively simple addition to car vacuuming, the owner basically completed. To automotive beauty shops to buy some leather, plastic, cleaning and maintenance agents when nothing sprucing up the interior space, you can extend the useful life of the car interiors, recently a popular new car maintenance project --- sterilization, long-term the interior of the car in a confined space there will be a lot of harmful bacteria, off to get rid of, in a timely manner is crucial.
    View: automotive services for our body, our feet extension, so we should treat the body to treat it, or when you most need it "sick rest", it may miss the event . Furthermore, the high-speed mobile car must be in perfect condition at any time to make it to at any time to protect the safety of our occupants.

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