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Tianjin binhai new area before June will complete the toy 3 C examination

From this moment to 6 January, binhai new area to qualitative inspect branch of products, plastic toys stroller products, metal products, toys toys catapulted products, baby toys products fall into five categories of 15 varieties of children's toys authentication required (namely "3 C") check, ensure safe toys.

In order to ensure the safety of the toy product use,tricycle adult binhai new area pledges inspect bureau will be in "" the children's day within the scope of jurisdiction in compulsory certification in toys products law enforcement inspection, without the factory and authentication, sale, import and use in business operation, forge or falsely use another producer authentication marks and other illegal behavior. The examination content including stroller products, plastic toys products, metal products, toys toys catapulted products,kid tricycle baby toys products. In this year's inspection, qualitative inspect branch will be in accordance with the 5 types toy production and sales, focus on the quality of the product safety of 15,tricycle for adults only stroller toys will check the children bicycles, battery powered ride on carschildren tricycle, children's cart, baby XueBuChe, toys bicycles, electric stroller and other toy vehicles and so on seven varieties.

According to information, trike for 1 year oldlaw enforcement personnel in this month of compulsory certification toys production enterprise of factory inspection, to toy sales were concentrated in the supermarket compulsory certification product law enforcement supervision and inspection.

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