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« Analysis: China pneumatic tools at present already gradually strong China electric vehicle industry are still expected to lead the global market situation »

Pneumatic tools development prospects look good development way wide

Pneumatic tool use and electric tool use, even than electric tool use up more easily, it has a characteristic is: there is a small and exquisite, long service life, high safety, and more can save energy, as well as advantages.

With more and more businesses to the brand management of the route, tricycle for toddleron some famous quality products at home and abroad have been introduced, in order to meet the needs of different consumers. And pneumatic tools is one of them. Pneumatic tools in manufacturing technology, material and measurement control ways better than electric tools development well. Pneumatic tools and electronic appliances, hydraulic, automatic production process of one of the most effective technology, and widely used in all kinds of parts.

Light industry analysts think, although our country start manufacturing industry and pneumatic technology research and application of the late start, and nearly 10 years had greater development. The pneumatic tools have high quality, XiaLing life, high speed, high output force and high precision and other characteristics, so quickly, the popularization and application of the pneumatic technology in each industry part, and its remarkable cast of benefits. Follow the development trend of the electromechanical integration technology, in order to make the microcomputer, program controller can and cylinder electromechanical integration of the pneumatic system, pneumatic original toward low power, miniaturization, light-duty and direction.

Our country pneumatic system development at the same time also contributed to the pneumatic tools, more and more businesses they believe in the pneumatic tools market, on the one hand, it is of high technical requirements, most of the products before mainly from the United States, Germany, Japan's national import, hardware city on the field of the major products for the Taiwan be in the majority. And now, with the yield of technological progress, like wenzhou, baby trikesShanghai some businesses have introduced a pneumatic tools products. Pneumatic tools use scope expands gradually, guangdong, Shanghai, jiangsu, fujian and other coastal cities and provinces assembly industry, mechanics, in transportation and yongkang scooter, electric bicycles, motorcycles assembly and car repair shop and some line homework have enterprise and manufacturer use the pneumatic tools.

At present, our country pneumatic tools of variety specification is complete,tricycle baby trikes if have the wind cut, gun drill, polishing machine, impact wrench, etc.trike kid The pneumatic tools also widely used in electric tools and adverse used in place of, such as carpentry, ZhiSuoYe, gas stations, chemical industry and so on. This shows, along with the development of technology of produce of collecting, pneumatic tools of the road of development will be more walk more wide!


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