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Children's clothes security hidden danger lurks the whole industry chain quality inspection "disaster areas" article

Children's clothing is not "shrink" adult clothing, the safety of children's clothing problem also when cause attention. Quality check each year, the children's clothing is inevitably become "disaster areas," including, adidas, H&M, beautiful baby room, Papua beans and a series of famous children's clothes are none escape by luck. Industry insiders point, because about fifty percent market is not brand children's clothing, the consumer is buying time need more to alert. "On one hand children's clothing rights is very difficult, especially when it comes to chemical unqualified products; on the other hand, children's clothing for consumers to buy when children's clothes security quality problems tend to be ignored." With China's children's clothing market cake constantly to be larger, children's clothing pattern changes, previously has been difficult to solve problems of the children's clothing safety need reviewing.

The children's clothing "poison"kids tricycle manufacturer latent whole industry chain

According to not complete count, in 2010 China's children's clothing production in the 5 billion pieces (sets) or so, accounting for 11% of the clothing industry. But in China the children's clothing production enterprise at least 1 or so, mainly in zhejiang, Shanghai, fujian, guangdong area, a certain scale children's clothing production enterprise 6000 or so, and visibility of the children's clothing enterprise of less than 200 home.

In the shopping for clothes for children, many parents actually not afraid to spend money, but is afraid that the money is spent also buy the unqualified products, because the problem of children wear harm is too great.

The China association of social workers,children cars china children's committees LiuLiangYu points out, "the happening of the disease to children, inferior to the children's products accounted for more than 5%, especially in infants and children's wear clothing formaldehyde exceeds bid to become the largest killer, did not use environmental protection products, lead to flow to the part of the children's clothing market containing toxic substances, to the body of children health poses a considerable threat."

The state quality inspection administration said, the country will spend a lot money every year for children's clothing quality supervision inspection. But unfortunately, the annual check the results, there are lots of qualified products.

Children's clothing quality problem becomes the "some", Chinese clothing association deputy secretary-general XieQing points out, the children's clothing safety is not only the production enterprise, is more supply chain printing and dyeing, the processing, the whole supply chain all need strong supervision and profound reflection.

"We want to control the quality of the children's clothes very difficult, each batches of the children's clothing, sent on cooperation process, each manufacturer after a enterprise,kids tricycle supplier every link must want to test can solve the problem. So, pay attention to the children's wear safety to focus on the safety of the whole industry chain." XieQing further pointed out.

A brands to the daily economic news reporter said, "to meet the good quality, and need for children's clothing material. The quality of the products of issues, often or from fabric."

Because export situation not ideal, many factories and turned to be domestic sales. Green box WuFangFang said children's clothes President, "now, children's clothing of domestic industry profit rate is only 5% to 8%, the factory in the fabric of the purchase price of the more natural link is low, the better."

In this case, ningbo a children's clothing export enterprise boss CaiXiaoLing introduction, the factory has to replace fabrics to reduce costs, "a lot of cheap through children's clothing wholesale channel flows into the market."

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