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A car to shake the 31-year-old dangerous bridge bamboo poles for fence twenty thousand villagers go flustered

In recent days, New Chau number of users tricycle for 2 year old posting online, said Chen-Lu Bridge is located in the town of Xin Chong New Village, foundation settlement, badly damaged, worried that this 31-year-old dangerous bridge will collapse at any time demolisher wounding.
Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the Bridge from Xinzhou the Chengguan about 7 km Sim Chong Chan Lui, see this is a sandun four cross, some over 30 meters long concrete bridge deck from the water about 3 meters high. Depending on the damage to the visual inspection, the deck battery powered ride on cars is very obvious, the cement barrier on the right defect over 10 meters, and I do not know by whom stopped up with a few bamboo trikes for boys poles. The deck also potholes, multiple water. A small truck out of date and that the the entire deck shaking side railings sounds.
Crossing tricycle master king only clear, this bridge is connected to the new lake, Sanhe, leaves port, as well as horse River village, at least 20,000 residents have to go through this dangerous bridge to the town of Xin Chong. Everyone was worried about security, last year also matter to higher authorities.
The Xinzhou District Department of Transportation Office of the Minister Li said, This Bridge Survey and Design Institute of Hubei Provincial Communications Department for the four categories of dangerous bridge, pedestrians and cars can continue to use, but large duty trucks impassable. District Department of Transportation has already done the reconstruction plan of the Chen-Lu bridge, estimated that funds 60-70 million. Sim Chong town and district is coordinating the funding problems, as long as the funds are in place, the immediate removal of a dangerous bridge Jianxin.

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