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China wenzhou outdoor tourist products exhibition convention and exhibition after reports

For three days of "China ? wenzhou outdoor tourist products exhibition" already on April 16, 2012 in wenzhou international exhibition center ended. By the people's government of the exhibition,tricycle baby the wenzhou city, wenzhou forestry administration committee by the letter, the wenzhou city tourism bureau, the wenzhou city business bureau and wenzhou exhibition center is held each year in April in wenzhou fixed held.

The exhibition to "leading to a low carbon economy, sharing forest products, advocacy, leisure tourism" as the theme, the exhibition area of 20000 square meters. The exhibition scope includes outdoor equipment, special outdoor sports equipment, fishing gear, ZiJiaYou and auto supplies, vacation spots and tourist routes,tricycle for 2 year old and outdoor leisure food and outdoor furniture, etc. This exhibition enterprise, based on the scale in introduced many new brand new enterprise, including domestic famous outdoor brand Toread (TanLuZhe) famous Italian international bicycle brand Bianchi (Bianchi), the world's first big folding bike manufacturer OYAMA (the Eurasian horse), domestic famous bicycle maker GIANT (GIANT), the world's top locomotive brand Harley-Davidson (Harley Davidson), ride on cars for toddlershigh-end outdoor brand Coleman (music), a leading global massage chair, the massage manufacturing experts iRest (erik frost), yacht dealers KEEPGOING knight news, outdoor products manufacturers-yiwu falcon camping outdoor picnic,tricycles for toddlers domestic professional brand YODO bag (leisurely degrees), North America famous outdoor brand FMTECH (functional voytek's), professional sports balance PowerBalance, professional outdoor hand ring cans of red wine-the big... Three days of exhibition attracted tens of thousands of viewers to come to visit purchase, the businesses have also launched low discount.

At the same time in the show, the exhibition arrangement many experience programs and performance project. Rock climbing, laser targeting, darts, golf ball push rod targeting,tricycles for sale archery, high altitude dropped, hot air balloon, such as cart experience programs, to allow visitors to the most intuitive way to experience the outdoors motion of passion and charm. The exhibition through the outdoor equipment sales and outdoor sports experience in two ways, so that the general public more fully near to the outdoor sports, feel close to nature, challenge the limit brought happy!

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