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« Pneumatic tools to brand management route towards the market matures China wenzhou outdoor tourist products exhibition convention and exhibition after reports »

Pneumatic tools price high popularity is low

Pneumatic tool use and other electric tools, and even more so, it small body seven and exquisite, long service life, high safety, and save energy. In our country's pneumatic tools market overall, it is a complete range of specifications, such as wind, cut gun drill, polishing machine, impact wrench, etc, but because in its market price than the ordinary electric tool is much higher, this is cause pneumatic tools were not popular use is one of the main reasons why.

Our country start manufacturing technology and clicked started late, after more than 10 years and has been developed, pneumatic tools have high quality, long service life, high speed, high output force and high precision and other characteristics; they can be applied to various industrial soon departments, and plays a significant benefits. At present, the pneumatic tools has already been used to assembly industry, mechanics, in still lose industry, scooter, electric bicycles,trike for 2 year old motorcycles assembly, car repair shop and some of the line operation of enterprise or manufacturer.

Mechanical industry analysts think, pneumatic tools prospect is considerable mainly displays in three aspects: 1. The pneumatic tools work ability, and general electric tool for long time more compared the work. 2. Pneumatic tools environment adaptiveness. Pneumatic tools water resistance is strong, won't produce edm, can adapt to all kinds of bad or bad environment; 3. Pneumatic tools maintenance costs low. Pneumatic tools use is empty piping equipment,tricycles for disabled children don't like electric tools that the replacement parts.

With more and more dealers from overseas business line direction, some overseas well-known products also are introduced in succession. To satisfy different consumer market demand, pneumatic tools positive direction the following aspects: 1. The electromechanical integration direction. In order to achieve the goal of precise setting in advance, by gas, electrical signals to convert between; 2. Precision direction. To make more accurate positioning cylinders back, using sensors, proportional valve and realize precision feedback control; 3. The combination, intelligence to put. In the material handling, have been used for cylinder, the swinging cylinder and the combination of vacuum cups. And the mobile small items are the two will guide the cylinder separately according to X, Y combination and become, are also equipped with electromagnetic valve, program controller, compact structure,children cars china take up the space is small.

According to the 2011-2016 year China pneumatic tools market analysis depth report on display, along with the rolling, drawing, casting, machining, cleaning a burr, assembly and testing technology level enhancement, pneumatic components and appearance of the internal quality and it will continue to increase. Industrial ceramics, high performance soft magnet, thanks to new material has set up a file in the new product on the application, and the application of new materials in the future will be more and more.

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