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Hybrid electric cars just future shore spring

Once was in 2011 of the Shanghai auto show absolute popular, new energy, electric car, at the time of the science fiction topic so moment almost to believe that in the Beijing auto show, China can go to electric vehicles society. However, being blown bubble ultimately burst, electric car is still in the future. And new energy of the contest in the only topic only hybrid, it also gives the once but depressed the best chance to Toyota.

Hybrid, shore spring!

Toyota to new energy vehicles is very confident

Toyota motor (China) investment Co., LTD TianZhen north to the general manager

Toyota think energy saving new energy, HEV (hybrid), PHEV (in the electric hybrid filling) and EV (electric vehicle) the three types of cars should be the future development of a direction. First of all, Toyota think HEV is an effective technical solutions, hope to be able to immediately get popular in China, trying to get the recognition of consumers. On the basis of HEV technology, PHEV and EV hope in the future in China have a greater development. PHEV empirical driving test has been completed, will in the end of this year or early next year to test marketing, another EV is about to start the empirical test drive.

Because PHEV and EV technology development by restrictions and infrastructure construction of limits, no breakthroughs in battery technology under the premise, Toyota think EV is the use of the short way, trike kidand can't be used on a long, so this is the Toyota for the future of EV understanding. In other words, Toyota in cooperation partners, China's government related with cooperation under,used adult tricycles if to charge facilities and the infrastructure of significant breakthrough, Toyota very willing to push the development of EV. In addition, PHEV at present very have developmental, Toyota doing related technical preparation.

Hybrid pairs in the launch of the Toyota single-handedly "clouds move plan" is a very important part of, this also is the Toyota and two cooperation partners, released after communicating, on energy saving new energy for, Toyota and faw, GuangQi group has been implemented after consensus.

April 18,, the state has issued a new energy plan, Toyota will comply with the requirements of the policy, in the future to promote more energy saving new energy vehicles in China to produce, trike for 1 year oldToyota brand will be particularly increase of new energy vehicles, investment.

Lexus: hybrid is the perfect technology

Toyota motor (China) investment Co., LTD LangLiXin deputy general manager

In the 20 years ago the lexus has begun to do hybrid technology research and development, has experienced over 20 years, the world has sold more than 400000 vehicles. Back to our the situation in China,tricycle baby bike in October 2011 CT200h listed, April 23,, we realize every month for sales more than 1000 cars. March sales is 1456 cars, April or achieve such a number. The data show that we hybrid technology, including CT has by consumer trust.

Looking to the future, in the hybrid technology, including models promotion, as the future development of the strategy and the lexus highlight, the direction of the country's energy conservation and new energy vehicles and the strategy is in compliance. You notice of new energy vehicles, planning the development of the future in China is focused on the plug-in hybrid and pure electric, we are popular hybrid models. My understanding go to the future of the hybrid is a stage.ride on cars china So the development for many years has already proved a bit, hybrid is the perfect technology, we will now be more easily into the second stage. Lexus has started to spend a lot of time and energy in PHV, EV.

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