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About 5 pm on December 12, 2011, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Fengxian Shouxian elementary school bus rollover accident occurred at 2:00 am on the 13th, Jiangsu County school bus rollover to a total of 15 students were killed.
    It is reported that after the accident, the tricycle for adults relevant departments of Xuzhou City and Fengxian sent police cars more than 10 vehicles, ambulances more than 20 vehicles and fire trucks and cranes to implement the rescue. According to friends, said the death toll could be as tricycle baby high as more than 40 people.
    According to preliminary tricycle for toddler verification, the the car core set of 52 people, in fact, contained 46 people, rollover slide into the quagmire avoid tricycle.
    At 9:40 on November 16 Xu Qingyang city, Gansu Province, Yulin Town Zhengning a dump coal truck collided with the local kindergarten shuttle bus, killing 19 people, including two adults. According to reports, the school bus accident core set of nine people, in fact, contained 64 people.
    November 26, the 26th Baoshan town of Dandong City, Liaoning school bus rollover accident occurred, 35 children were injured, the car contained a total of 41 people.
    Just another news came that about 6:30 on the morning of December 12, Foshan Shunde Lecong Town, in an industrial area, one carrying 59 pupils of a school bus and a heavy truck collision, school bus 37 The students were injured.
    Overloaded school bus safety standards are not standards ... and many other reasons, caused the tragedy, the worst thing is that the students have become a victim.

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