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God horses are clouds! History of the cattle school car decks police car

God horses are clouds! History of the cattle school bus decks police car! Years of school bus accidents are frequent, has finally come to not change after the countless cases of bloody lessons we are really starting to focus on this issue and tricycle for adults study the problem, but began to take shape in the system improvement when there are many urgent need to improve problems. Conformism especially in the school bus on the vested interests who do everything possible to evade tricycle baby responsibility around the black school bus with the police on duty "hide and seek" incidents continue to be broke.
Today, I want to share with friends friends as the most cattle school bus Yulin County, Shaanxi Province, on the street recently passing a police car license hanging school bus and a tip of every tongue. While government departments for security reasons, but our legal documentation requirements: Disable the car deck! The contemplation developments.
The words "police" the front of the car, the body says "justice", the first impression tricycle for toddler is that this is a police car while Surprisingly, this deck the police car, "but the school bus to shuttle students. Have to say, with the the deck police "do school bus is very conspicuous indeed, no wonder users called" school bus ".
Intertwined together when the school bus, police car, the car deck when, immediately attracted the attention of countless users! Netizens hot constantly for the school bus decks police car "," I also find useful, as it should be. "," Very Okay! values ​​recommended! they should do so, in order to protect the safety of the students! "," Fortunately for police cars, at least the majority of people still feel awe, I really hope this is good, this is real frustrating perfect results. "......
View from netizens talk, do school bus "on the" deck the police car, in addition to expressed surprise, or to explore from the safety point of view of the school bus. Seen the idea of ​​school bus safety, or the most attention of netizens!
However, the car deck is prohibited by the State. Traffic Law of the People's Republic of China, there are clearly defined, not allowed deck vehicles flowing! Thus, deck, police vehicles are prohibited, the owners of the practice is also wrong!
In addition, the report pointed out that, after the exposure of the the school car decks police car is, it was pointed out that the judicial school bus by private contractors have been investigated in the last year, but recently appeared again.
In view of this, we have to ask: Why is being investigated and then hit the road? Why nobody? Including what reason?
It is worth mentioning, do not see the news report, I believe many people will subconsciously believe that this is the most cattle the school bus is a real car, not the car deck. In reality, though the people disgusted privileges, disgusted privilege car, but if it is to the school bus privileges to their children, not only people not disgusted, I am afraid that is traveling on the road, but also let other vehicles at arm's length. For car owners, perhaps this is the reason to the deck.
Of course, the wrong way to do things is itself incorrect. Moreover, the truth of the matter is how the need to wait for the follow-up reports. After all, this is related to school bus safety, is related to the safety of the children, the departments concerned should take action as soon as possible!
"Judicial police car into a school bus was actually the car deck is no guarantee of safety. Most cattle you seen Shanxi Yulin school bus? One that says "police" and "judicial" police car Yulin City primary school buses shuttle students to and from school every day. Children a day are proudly toward this car "special" school bus, I feel a special air. However, this car countless children to be proud of "judicial police car is a car deck.
     It is reported that the car in November last year, when being investigated, but soon reappeared. Many people worry about the safety of children, this deck car running on the road, can not make people fear you.
Words "police" the front of the car, the body says "justice", this police car served as the school bus shuttle students, primary school students per semester 1000, high school students 1,500 yuan - friends called Yulin most cattle school bus The car the judicial police car, was actually the car deck.
"Every day of the police car
More than 30 students
In recent days, many Yulin people reflect the afternoon after school, every day at noon, a group of students in the Great Wall Zhong new floor, Lane will hurried toward a license plate number for the Shaanxi KD006 Police "special" school bus ".
At 11:40 on February 24, studying in the sixth grade, Yulin City, a small sea days (a pseudonym) hurried across to the new building, Lane overpass, judicial police car went to a body India . Who lives in a district Fushi Road Hai said, this "school bus" departure time: 7:00 am, 11:50, 1:00 At 1555 hours 17:00.
"The car has 22 seats, a total of more than 30 students sit car late, sometimes on the train do not have a seat." Xiao-Tian said. Car relatively few pupils, when the car first school in the morning to pick up the junior high school students, no seats, they have standing to go home.
After a few days of observation, the reporter found that the car via Fushi Road, New Road, Changcheng Road, the main shuttle Yulin City Primary School, the first secondary school campuses (middle school) students. It is understood that the car fee per semester for primary school students 1000 yuan, 1500 yuan of high school students.
Bureau of Justice said
Car last year, is being investigated
Gansu school bus accident occurred on November 16 last year, this "judicial police" once "disappeared". School this year, a few days later, members of the public found the car appeared. So arrogant "school bus", whether the relevant legal procedures? But also how to protect the safety of students traveling?
Yesterday, the reporter saw a car driver Haomou the car as the vehicle of the Municipal Bureau of Justice, he said, he is the driver of the Bureau of Justice, Bureau of Justice in 2078, the car shuttle students in 2045 a.
Family member courtyard of the students by the Bureau of Justice is free outside of student fees. "Hao Mou said, currently the car is less than 40 students, including more than a dozen pupils, two dozen high school students, family member courtyard of the Bureau of Justice have five students six. As for the fees charged, mainly used for refueling the vehicle and the driver's wages.
Hao Mou said, Gansu school bus accident last year, Yulin all school buses are required to rectify, not to overload it since ran from November 17 last year. This year, in preparation for transfer, but many parents call requirements continue shuttle. "We now have the record, punctual point shuttle absolute security."
"I heard the car is now equivalent to private contractors?" The reporter asked, and Hao Mou said: "This is the form."
For statement of Haomou, certainly a person in charge of Yulin Municipal Bureau of Justice said: "This car is not our Bureau of Justice, is a private vehicle last year, is being investigated."
"Judicial police car"
Apply Suide Bureau of Justice license plate
Subsequently, the reporter found that motor vehicle information inquiries online from Yulin City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment license "Shaanxi KD006 Police" is really a police car all vehicle models Santana cars, cars all Suide County Bureau of Justice. But every day back and forth in the the Yulin City Transfer students with license Judicial school bus, vehicle models is the "Xi'an Lishan LS6103B.
   "If there are other vehicles using this number, certainly for the deck." Said a staff member of Yulin City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment legal section.
The true identity of the car, "police school bus" What is it? Traffic police detachment of the Second Battalion of staff told reporters that the car's owner Yulin Municipal Bureau of Justice, the registration of the driver of the white one, has not been a license plate number, but certainly is less than the service life.
This car back and forth on the road, in Yulin City Transfer students school bus arrogant "police", why is being investigated and then who cares? Newspaper will continue to focus on.
Police car shuttle students of the school bus deck called deck of most cattle school bus school bus the police vehicle prominent government car convenience
School bus decks police car who is the culprit? School bus decks police car true? The school buses decks police car school so much courage? School bus decks police cars do not he come out of the event governance. Police car school security school bus deck how to get attention? School bus decks police car shuttle students said most cattle school bus school bus decks police cars highlight the convenience of the government car. The school bus decks police car school bus safety incidents Chen not poor, following another wave of demand level. School bus school bus deck police car from these years of education and government and relevant departments a full range of management and investment in, the real and is how it? School bus decks police car drivers qualities and ability and other drivers qualities and how to do? Not a car accident accident should not related to the school bus, the bigger problem is yet to come, such as school bus drivers and vehicular traffic and all the drivers qualities and abilities, and the school bus hit by a car or accident caused also a lot! against the afternoon of the 12th the shuttle primary school bus accident Xuzhou, Jiangsu, Ministry of Education, the 13th issued a notice requiring schoolchildren and young children to and from school by car security and then check again implemented.
The afternoon of the 12th, the County Shouxian a core set of 52 school bus shuttle 47 the Shouxian center primary school students home, 45 points is about 17, the Che Xingzhi the sheets after Tuncun near evade a manpower tricycle rollover occurred, slide into the roadside ditch, and at that time there were 29 students on board. As of noon on the 13th, the accident has caused the death of 15 students, eight injured are still receiving treatment.
The fierce Comments for "school bus decks police car" regarding users
Spinach: Why there are so many incidents of school buses and school bus? Is not some wanton merged school-related? Itself some villages more concentrated original has the school somehow merge-one great inconvenience to parents increase certain fees if the adjacent two village or village has a school, not to ride the school bus, how to increase the burden of the people do? there is no school bus which will frequent school bus accident?
Xiao excellent Lily: # school bus decks police car # China's culture is really profound! Military vehicle accident decks police car accident is temporary, school bus accident is overloaded, the school bus and then the accident in the smuggling! To foreign donate school bus's time to let the kids Remember we are not a weak country, domestic child with the school bus on the lack of finances!
Zhang Jie :: # school bus decks police car # a school bus you can not afford to buy, and also talk about what the bigger and stronger education. Your Excellencies consumer hundreds of billions, a school bus pulled six years in leather. You never sent a mound of police for the children, but we pay close attention to the South China Sea, foreign enemies. You mount drop configuration wronged, we squeeze Adult the meat barbecued pork on and do not worry. Your children study in the United States, my kids deadly long-range strike. Even the future of our country do not you consider also talk to seize this golden opportunity? Boast!
The sun :: # school bus decks police car # school bus accident is inevitable. To blame the school bus can not be an accident, the driver how Does nothing to do with the government on it? Lack of investment in education, private capital deficiencies, the driver you want to make money. Parents want to save money. There without overcrowding problems do not make money. The key to solve the problem is the government to increase the input of the school bus.
Xiaozhu :: # police car # school bus school bus decks countries, or countries to purchases of services provided to students, the three kilometers School of Government must be provided free of charge services that the government withdraw school Hajime and we pay education tax, government, educational sites, and now they point withdrawal of the school and for their own interests, have to pay with their lives.
The snow :: # decks police car # school bus who caused all this, no one ever thought? Child i elementary school is the nearest school to hear the bell rang, ran from home is not too late. Since some people proposed to integrate the teaching resources, a lot of demolition and some schools allow students to the nearest school to become a problem or have a shuttle bus to go to school, must either boarding or have someone at home shuttle, or how to do, who caused Think about it.
School bus, school bus decks police car # Fenglin of Jingyuan :: # issue do not make food Terrier everyone fasting, have the ability to engage in the actual point, do not suffer mass transfers. Not before shouting slogans era, how as you, how many people were killed in traffic accidents a year, this figure is far greater than the school bus, so why did they know so many children crowded a car you spend less, your government have the ability to say why not give students coupled with safe and affordable school bus which?
School bus decks police car news
After the accident, the Ministry of Education attaches great importance to the Minister Yuan Guiren immediately convene the relevant departments to study and make arrangements to the incident decided to send a working group to understand the situation, and help carry out related work. Night at the same time issued an emergency notification requirements around the schools under the Ministry of Education, emergency notification regarding the development of the primary and secondary school students and young children to school and traffic safety check, and then check for schoolchildren and kindergarten children to and from school by car security situation of the security measures to implement, with the public security, safety supervision departments, efforts to protect the primary and secondary school students and kindergarten children to and from school by car safety.

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