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International environmental textile association annual meeting in new Delhi, India was held

November 23,, the international environmental protection textile association (Oeko-Tex) in Delhi hosted the 2011 annual meeting, from 15 members of the agency's general manager taking part in the annual meeting. Annual meeting of the central issues around three main aspects: 2012 version Oeko-TexStandard100 standard set lelectric ride on cars imit to the determination of value; 15 members tricycles for toddlers between institutions of the internal unified quality management measures, such as test level and the certification, the quality of the products selective examination; As a registered baby trikes "confidence textile Confidencein Textiles"trike for toddlers identification of intellectual property protection.

According to the international environmental protection association members of one of the main textile TESTEX wholly owned foreign enterprise, in China, sida (Beijing) Co., LTD. Itricycles for sale ntroduces textile verification, annual meeting since 2010 to the on site audit and execution on the discussion and analysis. International environmental textile association secretary-general Haug tricycle baby trikes said that since last year and this month, in order to make the certification enterprise in the quality control in accordance with the Oeko-Tex100 requirements for the management, and the memberskid tricycle of the association institution in the authentication process to the more than 2000 certification enterprise executed on site audit, provide quality management in this way the technical support. trike kid Haug point out: "we in the review, can face to face to the quality of enterprise management personnel clarify the production process the existence of the problem, and help enterprise itricycle for 2 year old n Oeko-Tex100 the authentication of obtaining maximum input-output ratio, namely the biggest economic benefits." Annual meeting, all the members of the organization of the review mechanism achievements of satisfied, and agreed to continue to the global certification of enterprise supervision mechanism.

Proposed annual meeting, the certification of thebattery powered ride on cars products to the global annual quality selective examination trikes for boys to adjust proportion, from the current 15% of the total, certificates are awarded the lowest proportion to the selective examination certificate of high 20% of the total. The product is selectived examination in the retail end of the purchase cost by the international environmental protection textile association will take.trike for 2 year old According to information, in recent years, various verification institutions of the global ecological textile product authentication of random share has to ascend, the actual selective examination has reached the certification certificate proportion of 18% of the total.

In addition to the verification mechanism of consensus on the outside, through a convention for some special products (such as tents, stroller, office chair, backpacks, etc) in meet the special requirements with the premise of Oeko-Tex100 allowed to apply for certification supporting documents.

Another it is reported, 2012 edition Oeko-Tex test and limited value will be released in January 2012.

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