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Tianjin Binhai New Area sixty-one, toys 3C inspection will be completed before the

    Immediate effect until June 1, the quality supervision department of the Binhai New Area stroller class product, plastic toys, metal toys products, catapult toys, baby toys products will be a total of five major categories of the tricycle baby 15 varieties of children's toys forced certification ("3C") checks, to ensure the safety of toys.
    In order to protect the safe use of the toy products, the Binhai New Area Bureau of Quality Supervision "six" to carry out the inspection of law enforcement of the compulsory certification toy products in the area within the former Children's Day, investigate and deal tricycle for toddler with non-certified factory, sales, import and use in operating activities , forgery or fraudulent use of certification marks tricycle adult and other illegal activities. The inspection includes a stroller class product, plastic toys, metal toys, projectile toys products, doll toy products. This year's inspection, quality supervision departments in accordance with the five major categories of toy production and sales focus on the quality and safety of the 15 categories of products, the only stroller toys will check the children's bicycles, children tricycles, strollers, infant toddler seven varieties of cars, toys, bicycles, electric stroller and other toy vehicles.
    It is understood that law enforcement officers in the month will be mandatory certification toy manufacturers factory inspections, more concentrated on toy sales stores carry a mandatory product certification law enforcement supervision and inspection.

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