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Purchase the majority of child seat the store wants to come network

Recently, this reporter investigating the purchase of child safety seats. Found that, relative to other goods popular child safety seat just as limbo. Google Shopping Search 1280 Search prime of, "Baidu commodity" 1313, "Taobao Search 10841 901" Amazon "search, a baby products site even search only 17 ...
Many owners spend a few thousand dollars to film for children cars the whole car, but do not want to spend a few thousand dollars to buy a child safety seat. Shows that most consumers ignore the phenomenon of the child restraint is very common. Perhaps because of the high prices discourage parents. Currently, the market price of general child seat is basically in the more than 1,500 yuan, while the price of well-known brands basically in between 3,000 yuan and 6,000 yuan.
Reporter in the the famous local forum in Chengdu fourth City and Chengdu eat, drink search found 12 trading posts on the child safety seat is amazing, others include Buy. Renowned domestic life information site "58 city" only 27, the same which is contains ride on cars Buying Leads.
Online bad buy. That physical store? Reporters came to the ring outside a well-known City Auto Parts see only a huge store, the second floor of sporadic several shops have child seats for sale. Businesses large inverted grievances to reporters: "to come to consult the people are few, not to mention start buy! Professional automotive supplies stores so that the department store is it?
A reporter went to the south of the shopping center, only to find in the first floor of a shop in the kids tricycle sale of child safety. But also a lot of sales of the brand, BeSafe, fait, best baby, babe Casey, STM are sold, priced from the 600-5800 range, at a discount. The sales staff told reporters: "good sales, consulting a lot of people."
Seen major sales channels around the network or a child safety seat, parents as possible to shop around and see more of a comment in the purchase.
When choosing a child safety seat guide
An international line child safety seat brand: Germany Sidi Mu; British britax, Netherlands MAXI-COSI Japan Camber, kiddy, BeSafe, Nuo Niya etc., domestic brands Wheelton, baby, constant shield .
2, before buying, make sure the type of seat you need: Keep in mind that your child's weight, height and age, very important point is that you purchase appropriate safety seat based on your child's weight, and not age.
3, before buying a clear understanding of the vehicle of your home is what kind of installation (LATCH or ISOFIX), as well as the number and location of the anchor in the car. Please select matches the child safety seat installed in your car.
Do not select the top of the head at the safety seat with a protective pad. Because baby may protect the pad crash because of a car accident caused by a head injury.
5, test important functions, especially seat belts and lock. Seat belts must be able to play the role of the shackles, the latch must be durable, and children can not open. Please ensure that these functions can be used normally and easy to use.
Make sure safety seat inside the box is a brand new, with the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer, all the labels are complete, and businesses can provide professional installation guidance services.

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