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Children's toys bad fast no one fix into "disposable" goods

Usually at the supermarket children area, toy occupy a large part of the space, with some toys the price does not poor. Such as remote control plane, remote control car racing, children cars electric stroller, voice dolls... Now all kinds of children's toys are, let the children couldn't put it down. The price of toys from dozens of yuan thousands of dollars until, but becauseride on cars the difficult, maintenance warranty after hard,kids tricycle so many children's toys is not be one-time goods, which let parents don't have a headache.

Children's toys are "bad quickly"

Recently the author interviews found that many young parents all expect the toys more convenient. Hundreds of pieces of toys, threw a waste, to buy again not cost-effective. But the author, the survey found almost can't find professional suqian "toy doctor".

children tricycles Live in the downtown area of ms. Wang, to award in the mid-term exam children achieve outstanding performance, she spent more than four hundred dollars to buy a child remote control plane,baby tricycle not to a week, found that the plane's tail fall off, a start you want to begin repaired, but the remote control plane is quite complex, a temporary fix up, is the child scored "limbo". kid tricycles This thought so advanced toys should have a professional "toy doctor" can repair, but ms. Wang walked over the whole suqian also found no one. Ms. Wang told the author: "if a tricycle for adults few yuan of toys, broken away to calculate, but this is pay hundreds of dollars for, threw also really a little loathe to give up, if a professional 'toys, even if the doctor' spend some money tricycle baby to fix the, also better than to throw out good."

tricycle for toddler

Children's toys someone sell no one fix

Recently, the author visited the supermarket and some toy stores,tricycle adult greatly small, various types of toys filled up with counter, the price of these toys is in mostly 50 yuan, some even thousands of yuan. But the author found that these toys on the outer package of products is introduced, the only age, instructions, warning matters and to the factory, the contact method, and materials, and is not a guarantee period and maintenance instructions.

The big supermarket sales staff said embellish, they just responsible for sales, no maintenance services. 7 days, such as a nonhuman for quality problem, can by big embellish exchange bills, more than seven days they can do.

The city of zhongshan road a toy store boss tells the author: "toys belong to comsumption products, very easy to bad, basic don't guarantee, within a month for the quality problems appear nonhuman return manufacturer exchange, but express fee and replacement parts to bear the cost of the customer. Many buyers want to hear better to let light back and forth, freight is controlled yuan, plus is the cost of replacement parts, not only spending big, and it'll be at least a month of time. And then again dropped."

Maintenance toys needs to have full-time personnel

Some people think, a toy is the electric, principle should talk to home appliance, so home appliance repair shops must be can repair this kind of toy. The city of west lake the way a home appliance repair shops boss says, there is customer looking for before oneself repaired some "toy aircraft", "the little train, such as toys, did not accept it. The reason for this is that this kind of toy repair, most need to tear open machine, and toys have shall not be torn up and the seal machine, once the open machine will no longer warranty, and because his job is repair electrical home appliances, toys for the structure does not understand, even to fix, and not willing to take risks.

Urban wenhui lane a maintenance shopkeeper helplessly tells the author: "it's not that we don't willing to maintenance, is really beyond repair, these toys look simple, but the corresponding parts only manufacturer just have, have no spare parts can be replaced, we couldn't fix. If you don't return it, basically be the ruined, strange great pity. These toys are very precious, also we such repair shops are really can't fix, need specialized technical personnel can fix." Maintenance store clerk said, since there are many customers away hope maintenance toys, but are the boss declined. Because of this kind of toy as repair the need to change fittings, but also to the customer benefit, and the fear of failure to return its cannot seal toys factory warranty.


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