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New energy industry planning a release lithium battery investment shower

Tom elder brother in "mission: impossible 4 of the pure electric vehicle that car will appear in the real situation? Perhaps in the short term, this desire is difficult to achieve, but for the investment agency, for example, it is absolutely a can lift the appetite of people good stories.

"New energy vehicles industry development planning has been submitted to the state council". China's auto industry association deputy secretary-general YeChengJi 3 month of express this information, and for investors of good story smooth added a few minutes of realism.

Policy warm wind blow frequency

New energy vehicles policy change is not the first time affect the lithium battery industry.

From November 1, 2007 began to implement of the new energy vehicle access management rules, has been to 2012 on March 5, prime minister in the government work conference report. baby tricycleAbout new energy vehicles the various policy has been pushing the development of lithium battery industry.

Although, China's automotive high-power li-ion battery technology power are not mature, also hindering the electric car of promotion. However, lithium battery is still attractive to investors, the funds are aggressively to lithium batteries into the industry chain.

In 2010, our country of lithium battery industry investment appeared round outbreaks. According to ChinaVenture hit group, the financial data products CVSource statistics showed that in 2010, China power battery industry disclosure of private financing case for 18 up. One involving lithium battery and financing scale of above us $3.52 million enterprise have five. Number one is the camel shares (601311. SH), $24.57 million in financing; Followed by catic lithium electricity, $22.7 million in financing.

In addition to the new energy vehicles policy on the driving effects of lithium batteries, except for the future development of national battery attitude is also a major reason. On March 1,trike for toddlers this year by the work of joint research and letter she drafted the lead battery industry access conditions (draft) were also think good in lithium batteries industry.

"In the investment hundred million weft, main consideration when lithium can the national policy risk", chief investment officer of the venture LiangGuoZhi told reporters that "the state of lithium battery is the support, but the problem lies in how long can promote the need."

"Vehicle power of lithium battery power technology is not mature." China and the securities analysts LiDaJun told reporters. Existing battery big volume weight heavy, reliability and stability and continuity is insufficient, the cycle of product life not long, are restricting the development of new energy electric car.

Maybe so, short term investment vehicle lithium battery is not be industry analysts are valued. An industry insiders told reporters: "electric vehicle technology and market is not mature, the core technology can't breakthrough. If investment the electric car lithium battery, greater investment and high risk."

The same for the power of lithium battery, electric bicycle of lithium battery is by the related research institutions to hold heat. China securities and a study that the 2012 will be lithium battery electric bicycle to lead the industrialization of alternative mede, and lithium battery replacement than expected this year at 7%.

China's battery industry association, vice chairman of the committee chairman WangJinLiang lithium electricity application, also said China bicycle association will vigorously promote the development of lithium electricity electric bicycle. "Once the national guidelines to encourage the lithium electricity bicycle related policies, the fastest" 1025 "period will achieve lithium battery electric bicycle industry in the large area application".

In addition, good news also comes from consumer lithium battery demand increases. Make the consumer of lithium battery also be a capital to chase after hold in both hands. It is reported, digital giant panasonic has invested 55 billion yen in suzhou to build solar cells and computer, mobile phone use of lithium battery production factory.

Structural surplus

In the policy and market of the dual drive, lithium battery industry investment presents a lively scene.

This year to January of lithium battery industry in the dongguan gradually formed industrial clusters. The United States ABAT group, shenzhen battery giant beauty worship to science and technology, has very battery, Wallace, new energy and new energy technology of lithium battery enterprises have appeared in here. Both of the materials needed to provide lithium battery has very battery, and like Wallace branch new energy main production of lithium battery enterprise.

Foreign investments, Australia's galaxy resources have been involved in a lithium battery industry lithium carbonate upstream of the industry. SONY's plan to March 2014, lithium battery assembly factory transferred to China, and panasonic of lithium battery industry have takes root in China. American power companies have begun to layout in China, is now in suzhou its two companies make battery products.

Sadie consultants statistics show that in 2011 the global lithium ion battery market scale to 15.3 billion us dollars, up by 29.7%.

However, the "low digital products can be said to be saturated lithium batteries......." Some industry insiders told reporters.

Lithium battery materials mainly divided into four areas, battery powered ride on carspositive, negative, electrolyte and diaphragm.

Related material shows, domestic electrolyte and international belong to the low end products than the diaphragm. Gross profit margin high and high technology products, has been for foreign enterprises monopoly. Founder of securities analysts DengXinRong forecast, about two or three years, domestic enterprise can master this field of high-end technology.

As the middle of lithium battery industry on behalf of the company has very shares (600884. SH) in just the past 2011 years, lithium battery material net profit fell 22% year-on-year. Shares with this explanation for industry has very positive materials in excess capacity is the result of. But the middle industry is still be his analysts are valued.

"China is the main of lithium battery downstream products ZhiZaoDe and one of the most important power products consumer, battery requires increased, the future market space is very large, is of great value in the anode materials." Bank of new energy industry consultant researcher shaw letter said. At present, China had positive materials enterprise over 200, among which the scale of the nearly 50 home.

Lithium battery industry upstream of the industry also attracted a large market investors' attention. Australia galaxy resources in last year announced that into a $134 million, in jiangsu province in zhangjiagang city construction a the largest lithium carbonate factory; LiangGuoZhi also told reporters that of venture capital in the morning has lithium battery upstream industry for some. However, "do upstream, investment will be big, need a great deal of production line.

"Lithium carbonate industry has been very mature, and into the threshold is not very high," LiDaJun said, "galaxy resources" appear may for lithium carbonate industry competition pattern produce certain effect.

Industry chain expansion

Some firms are not content with simple horizontal expansion, and start looking for future appreciation from the vertical points.

Galaxy resources chairman Craig-rick says, the galaxy is the goal of the resources to participate in the lithium supply chain each link, from mine mining to lithium the production of the products. Galaxy resources TanYi machine is also managing director, said the company will consider direct production of lithium battery, the plan being built in China with the annual production capacity of 620000 vehicle battery electric bicycle group project.

In addition, some enterprises are exploring a own sites. The group, which has very technology in the last year has very has completely intervention lithium battery materials of the four areas, trike for 1 year oldsoftening the positive, negative, electrolyte and diaphragm.

Not only that, the relevant person in charge of shares has very QianCheng also said, we're implementing the lithium electricity industry chain strategy. It is reported has very early in shares last January, forming a ningbo space has very electric vehicle technology development Co., LTD, is in order to participate in preparing downstream industry. Meanwhile, shares has very also said it would continue to cooperate with the Australian Yerilla mines.

Following securities comment on think, if the project has very smoothly shares will hold 14.9% of the shares in the Yerilla mines, upstream from for the company to provide the safeguard.

Domestic day together, such as jiangxi coperition feng coperition several lithium battery listed companies in the industry chain also taken steps. Industry analysts told reporters: "piercing the industry chainbaby tricycle china, benefit to the enterprise in the internal control the cost of the product with the quality".

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