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The dragon coming, stroller brand sell?

The dragon coming, and the children's products seem to see the bull market, all for the brand marketing continue to power. In the final analysis, brand marketing is a "sell" word, so, stroller brand should sell?tricycle bikes for kids To answer this question before, we will look first media reported.


Sina finance and economics report, in the cost pressure, good first half net profit fell 5.1% last year, with share prices fell. Although the stock in the past two days KuangSheng 25% to 2.5 yuan, but from the share price is still $4.9 for a nearly half the gap. However, the dragon will come, the market is expected to step into Chinese baby birth peak, babies and infants thing market is beginning to dawn. Good boy, chairman and chief executive SongZhengHai earlier said the, children cars manufacturer the first quarter this year international order quantity obtain the double digit growth, and the performance is even more-the international market order.


Even foreign funds are now "get bottom". The stock exchange rights that disclosure, fund Stark Off shore Management on January 5, shareholder is the boy, bought 120 million shares, have rights to 11.93% by zero; But at the same time, the former CRFEnterprise with the controlling shareholder is selling 155 million shares, have rights by 36.48% to 20.97%. china children tricycles CRFEnterprise listed for good boy before shareholders.


In addition, still according to sina finance and economics report said, according to the Hong Kong media reports, "dragon B effect", baby products sales now of dawn. Doctor frog (01698) vice President and chief executive LvYiHao said yesterday, the dragon effect is gradually revealed, "now has released several related series with dragons, the market reaction was good for next year, the company had faith." For he says, although there is no specific sales figures for the fourth season last year, but overall growth has quickened, performance "good", can maintain is expected to double digit increase, and to store sales also within the expected.


Visible, just the dragon came to, give the children's brand "single" motivation and impulse. Indeed, as the descendants of the dragon, the dragon arrived, whether the child's parents, or higher generation grandpa and grandma, grandpa and grandma, these elders expectations mentality natural more full-bodied.


So, we still get back to the original question come up, facing the year of the dragon competitive wish, stroller brand should sell?


First of all, and safe to have everything, stroller brand to sell the first is "safe", safety is the foundation of the stroller good quality, and the manufacturers have hardware strength and software strength, china kid tricycles but is not only famous big brand, or rather cheap price brand. For example, stroller industry has a trine shun, 15 years, inner quality has been excellent brand, has won numerous consumer good public praise. Five years ago, in order to meet the demands of the development of times hardcover stroller, conform to the requirements of the development of world hardcover stroller, conform to the consumer to the quality of the stroller hardcover security requirements, the second company is more advanced puts forward the development of hardcover stroller "fine" strategy, strictly control the products supply, production shut and check shut off and many other border, in order to produce quality leading hardcover stroller.


Secondly, stroller brand to sell "effect. Strange? Stroller's not food, is not a drug, not cosmetics, also not health care products, no effect? Think so wrong, these is a good wish, need education and learning to complete, the child needs is to lead the child growing right childrens brand, to cultivate children's learning ability, protect children's health childrens brand, can strengthen children sports abilities and guide the children thinking childrens brand.


For example, for the children of the triad think everywhere along the company, has introduced the educational function not only professional stroller, also repeatedly reminding parents: parents must set up the correct stroller consumption idea, help children a correct understanding of the relationship between the stroller and childhood. As a child parent, buy stroller reason has a lot of, but no matter what, parents need to think deeply about, stroller can help a child??????? For the development of children actually what role? What positive impact? Will there be negative effects, and so on? Parents should avoid stroller buy comparisons psychology, try our best to let stroller become foster child disposition prop, with their play in the process, brave, patience, wisdom form of character.

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