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Guangzhou 8 authority budget this year than 80 million kindergartens

The guangzhou funding "75.24 million yuan 'support' authority kindergarten" message on the network spread quickly and controversial. Have Internet users think that,children tricycles china by the public finance to "support" authority kindergarten is not rational. Yesterday, the guangzhou bureau of finance, responded that due to the kindergarten fees, such as to donate income into the general budget management, which first and second kindergarten for 13.28 million yuan, eliminate the statistical factors,children tricycles supplier municipal public kindergarten 2012 general budget spending with the same flat.

Municipal public kindergarten budget spending with the same flat

Submit the guangzhou 14 session of the National People's Congress a deliberation by the session of the guangzhou 2012 department budget draft "show, guangzhou municipal party committee authority kindergarten general budget capital of RMB 5.1352 million, 6.168 million yuan, the city government kindergarten one club subordinate to the kindergarten and first innings the second kindergarten sharing 27.42 million yuan and 24.89 million yuan, 3.3408 million yuan,children tricycles manufacturer bureau of finance bureau kindergarten kindergarten 4.7664 million yuan, the education department of infant education subsidiary of guangzhou kindergarten obtain 11.2455 million yuan,china baby tricycle the least is the guangzhou port authority kindergarten, for 525900 yuan.

From the data on look, 8 authority budget funds for kindergarten as high as 83.4982 million yuan.

Guangzhou bureau of finance said yesterday, 2012 municipal public kindergarten general budget spending over the add about 2000 more than ten thousand yuan, is mainly based on "about the management of non-budgetary funds income into the budget notice on the management (guangdong CaiZong [2011] no. 3) the related regulations, baby tricycle supplier kindergarten fees, such as to donate income from previous non-budgetary management into into the general budget management, which first and second kindergarten for 13.28 million yuan. baby tricycle manufacturer Eliminate the statistical factors, municipal public kindergarten 2012 general budget spending with the same flat.

According to information, authorities kindergarten fiscal appropriation enjoy is the premise of their "institution properties". At present, the guangzhou authority belongs to finance for kindergarten nuclear institutions, according to China's financial system, to finance the budget will be given a certain limit of subsidies,china kid tricycles this and other enjoy financial subsidies institution is the same.

This year for more than 300 million preschool education to

"Into the park difficult", "into the kid tricycles china park your" has become guangzhou people the most attention to the people's livelihood of one of the problems.

"At present, guangzhou public kindergarten and most private kindergarten teachers, kid tricycles supplier running in the conditions of existence really gap", guangzhou bureau of finance said.

According to introducing, guangzhou has formulated the guangzhou pre-school education three years plan of action ", clear to improve public kindergarten degree proportion, strive to district 2013 (county or city) public kindergarten reached 30% above, on taxes, land and water and electricity price etc support private nursery school,kid tricycles manufacturer to run by the support of pratt &whitney kindergarten. City, area (county or city) two levels of financial arrangements special funds for each year of three years action plan to implement.

Guangzhou bureau of finance, said 2012 years except to public kindergarten for appropriate, municipal finance have arranged the pre-school education special funds for 305 million yuan, a 52.5% growth from last year, including: 5 million yuan to support guangzhou economic difficulties of census register family children, orphans and disabled children and other preferential treatment policy object accept pratt &whitney before the education; 300 million yuan funding pratt &whitney sex to finish private kindergartens, public kindergarten construction mission district (county or city) with awards for implementation, and speed up the development of rural education, preschool, concrete used for preschool education school building construction and renovation, teaching equipment purchase, etc.

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