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Avoid pre-school education "primary school of the" three note

A few days ago, the ministry of education again, in solving children "have garden on" at the same time, should adhere to the scientific establishment, to avoid the pre-school education "primary school of the" electric ride on cars problem. Xinhua also recently pointed out that in writing, education expert advice should policy and prevent more childcare "primary tendency, protecting them happy childhood. The author thinks that, in addition to the government administrative measures to strengthen the supervision of the recruitment of reform,tricycles for toddlers the evaluation system, avoid pre-school education "primary school change", should also let the parents must pay attention to the following three problems.

One, it must note: education is not the sooner, baby trikes the better, conform with the growth of the law education is a good education. Many parents of motherhood desperately, pregnancy on prenatal education; Born is hope sent out as soon as possible to learn, trike for toddlers XiGuoXue, practice bilingual talent. "Fear that the child would be lost in the starting line" disquiet made parents more as the following content and degree of the advanced degree as evaluation facilities criterion of institutions. Actually, the most should consider is the organization's school idea whether science.tricycles for sale To keep children don't delay "start", tricycle baby trikes must first make clear exactly where the child is the starting line? How have the conditions to stand to the starting line? Singapore nanyang technological university professor say: "kid tricycle not every apple have precocious reasons". Therefore, only can really do science conform to the children's development law, and correctly grasp every child development characteristics of preschool education institutions is reliable and the trust.

2 it is must note: any education activities are not at the expense of the physical and mental health of children for cost. Development psychology tells us, infant period is individual perceptions development, safety attachment and social critical period of development. The game is children, especially children's leading activity, trike kid promote children's cognitive development of important way, it is the children's participation in social life of the special form, through the game realize self-worth, embodies creative ability, training the sound personality, strengthen physical endowment, etc. Have education experts tracking boy genius growth trajectory, tricycle for 2 year old these natural qualities, and fully the development of intelligence children as adults, only about 50% made the achievements of the match. Those who do not get great achievement, not because they are not smart enough, but because their social development is not enough, not well, won't cooperate with the person.battery powered ride on cars They crossed that year stage of development, it still needs to come back up the class.

Three is must pay attention to: avoid the "primary school change" also not lead to reject all knowledge learning another extreme. We emphasize the game, to avoid the "trikes for boys primary school of the" emphasized, not to put an end to any knowledge and ability training. But that should be according to the rules of the development of the infant psychological trike for 2 year old organize various kinds of game, let children learn in the game, in the game growth. To encourage the children to the partner of the contacts, cultivate good life behavior habits, train their independence. If you don't take the children to the psychological growth pattern as the instruction, the mandatory to administer, ride on cars for toddlers to spread the children's play activity, even if have the form of the game, and it has less than appropriate education effect; If, on the other hand, can the game the way children with appropriate education activities related to the organization, not at the expense of the cost of children's natural instincts, play middle school, used adult tricycles learn knowledge and what?

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