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2012 years of Chinese toys market trend forecast analysis

Manufacturing costs continue to rise, the more profits the booth thin, is a toy enterprise business environment to the biggest agreement last year. So, in difficult walk 2011 years later, this year's toy market exactly how much development space, and what new trends in the industry?

The exhibition is a professional enterprise to develop the market opportunity and platform, is also visit industry dynamics best window. For this, especially for "China toy market vane", tricycle for 2 year oldthe mainland industry "to the no.1"--" the 24 of the guangzhou international toys and model exhibition "and" the third of the guangzhou international the infant child articles exhibition "of the preparation understand it, to explore two exhibitions of new trends in the industry refraction.

Two exhibition industry three big trend appeared

"The 24 of the guangzhou international toys and model exhibition" and "the third of the guangzhou international the infant child articles exhibition" will be released this April 8 ~ 10 days to continue in guangzhou world trade expo poly museum (pazhou) and meet the professionals. This year's conference area reaches 47200 square meters, more than 2300 booths, scale in another record high since. 912 home toys and the infant child supplies enterprise, is expected to more than 32000 high quality professional buyers at home and abroad will have many of the trade event. In addition, the organizers of the meticulously many supporting activities will also help both supply and demand of precision trade matching.

From this year's conference ostentatious characteristic analysis, trikes for boysthe China of 2012 toy market or show the following 3 big trends:

An enterprise to speed up domestic market into pace

Facing the rapid development of domestic consumption demand, toys and the infant child supplies industry used to do a lot of export trade enterprise put his sights on the domestic market, many international brands also hope to develop the Chinese mainland this huge market. And actively participate in guangzhou toy show and the infant child articles exhibition is what they open the market, promote the brand of the first step.

Capable of guangzhou toy show actual effect and influence of each big toy company, as always positive participation, including: Mr Fly, timely, wei, longchang, group of xing, solid abundant, Britain and Germany, Chloe, satisfying high, the star, dream le, charlotte, day, happy person, letter art eaves, wood family, king, the wisdom to play music fort, jinfeng, wing, high music, Willie, hengtai, small white dragon, HuaYing, double horse, flywheel, haiyang, pleasant, and treasure, gold tao, Shen force, rush field, etc, are all guangzhou toys years of the exhibitors.

And over the new company, it is beautiful, connected, beauty jia hin lustily, yicheng star, flying over, the method is quite, day's, ivy card, LeLin merlot, KaiPeiLong, KangTong, constant, good ZhiLan jade tree, the sharp, beauty industry, wing fly, dried, son yan, blue house arc, xing xing, YiYing, age, DongXin admission letter, and made a long xin the enterprise.

Two exhibition at the church of the Chinese and foreign famous brand more numerous, including: Tomy, small voytek, barbie, Disney, Cat, sega, Willie, the happy much, blue box, audi, Macao bei, trike bikes for kidstimely power, the group of xing, a satisfying high, Britain and Germany, pleasant, leaves, lifetime, high music... Participate in the display of the brand data is continuously break.

It is reported, two exhibitions in April, tricycles for older childrenand in early February this year, for a total of 2321 booths has been manufacturers all order completely, and ostentatious speed than usual early for a month. At the same time, due to space limit, there are still dozens of enterprise application booth cannot be satisfied.

Second, improve the quality of the image on cost build

The enterprise to market value, from two exhibitions in the earnest evidenced in degree. It is understood that this year of the participating enterprises to the fair investment more big, many enterprises not only increased the area, and makes at spend money making special assembly booth, with beautiful image shows a person, show the strength of enterprises, get better propaganda effect.

The exhibitors more carefully prepared many high above products and client meeting, the product quality, appearance, whether in the aspects of function, the trend has improved a lot.

Especially anime derivatives, the trend of the number of the kinds of toys, the crown of similar domestic exhibition, will be around for buyers as a surprise.

The dongguan lo-fi light rubber products Co., LTD, was Disney, mattel toys and other famous brand OEM production, the transformation and upgrade, creating a resource on the brand "WingFai" exhibition. Disney World's first authorized exhibition this year the production of EVA household items, safe environmental protection, colorful and dazzing. Toys products to household products industry extension, and improve the added value of the products and expand sales channels.

Shanghai preschool education toys under our company supplies development service of the educational education brand "small Oxford", designed for kindergarten design products. It's one of them, called "3 Q potential blocks" toy attracted the eyes of reporters. This is perhaps the only component to at least most of the combination change building blocks, already can produce jigsaw puzzles, also can make gyro and yo-yo, is the creative imagination with the big.

The earliest Chinese children's education research and development of products, one of the most beautiful shenzhen factory if Jing industrial Co., LTD, during the exhibition will be launched a "little tip book, toy contains happy rubik's cube puzzles, the Antarctic ice windmills three interesting games, and at the same time with exquisite books.

Professional manufacturing fancy toy manufacturers colorful process toys Co., LTD of "first class" brand launched a luxurious study desk, with double-sided board function, with magnetic English letters to spell words learning; With magnetic symbols and Numbers to study number operations; Water pen or chalk on double-sided board on writing and drawing; Also variable as a desk, convenient children learn and creation.

Three, market subdivision specialization trend more obvious

Chinese and foreign toys enterprises and the infant child supplies enterprise continuously flows into China market, bring competition also inspired the Chinese toy market vigor. Rival to the increasing of the market will eventually go segments, and professional management mode is the trend of The Times.

In view of that, the host of the two exhibitions exclusively on category divided, open up many professional exhibition area, including cartoon authorized galleries, stroller child's bed galleries, preschool education amusement area, in order to manufacturers negotiate purchase.

And professional exhibition this year and have respective development, window frequency now:

In the last, and on the basis of this year's cartoon authorized exhibition has emerged a all the new company involved in: YiYing, dry house, xu yan, blue fly, the son arc, xing xing, age, what, qiang, admission of colour, beans, overflow into thinking, etc to event together.

In order to promote the business and the effect the authorized, except for the toy industry, the organizers also organization shoes and hats, clothing, stationery, the infant child supplies and other enterprise to the exhibition, and authorized enterprise to discuss cooperation.

Undertake the effectiveness of previous two and influence, the third of the guangzhou international the infant child articles exhibition of the participating enterprises in number increase, the diversification of the category, and display the infant of toys quantity and category crown to similar domestic exhibition.

And this year's the infant child articles exhibition, stroller child's bed the performance of the section is most bright eyes. Among them is the last stand 40% growth; The exhibitors are up by 3 into. The exhibitors from guangdong, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian, hebei province mainly domestic stroller child's bed districts, tens of thousands of products novel appearance, high school low-grade complete varieties.

To promote exhibition will times add value-added services

"To the show, so as to promote with will show" has had the toy show guangzhou with the infant child articles exhibition features in the holding of exhibitions. This year also no exception, in addition to the show the warm and business negotiations, during the exhibition held in several different theme of a meeting, the much looking forward to it.

By the guangdong toy association, gold education science and technology group jointly sponsored by "pre-school education and toy application conference", have from all over the country and the principal kindergarten toy enterprise marketing, design director of about 400 people to attend, of pre-school education through the application and toy discussion and exchange, and to better develop the function of education and entertainment toy, let the children grow up healthy and happy.

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