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The electric car may not make China to realize "corner overtaking"

The electric car may not make China to realize "corner overtaking"

On June 8, 2011, of concern the tai electric taxi "4 · 11" spontaneous combustion events, after 57 days after the long wait, hangzhou municipal government announced the children tricycles china final finally results.

Hangzhou municipal government and quality technology supervision bureau organized 11 vehicles, electrochemical, fire, metal materials, mechanical, electrical, and other aspects of the domestic famous experts,children tricycles supplier 46 days after the full investigation, evidence and inspection after repeatedly demonstrated, the panel agreed that caused the fire the cause of the accident is "because the battery monomer battery box children tricycles manufacturer package and loading in use process,china baby tricycle failed to fully consider to use environment and related safety factor in the production, charging, the use of a few link, monitoring method to discover in time, the abnormal situation in the running of failed to timely resolved the problem".

The appraisal report suggests that the accident happened can not determine that baby tricycle supplier the battery monomer design, manufacture are quality problem, baby tricycle manufacturer but cannot completely meet the battery group after vehicle use environment be caused by.

However, the accident involved but are silent.china kid tricycles The Thai car (spontaneous combustion electric car owners), universal electric car company (spontaneous combustion car battery supplier), hangzhou is science and technology Co., LTD (battery assembly and into formula), hangzhou electric car service and new energy taxi company (spontaneous combustion car operator) do not make any public comment.

Only the zhejiang province quality and technology supervision inspection institute for accident investigation provided conclusions, determined the monomer battery electrolyte leakage is a cause of kid tricycles china the main reasons for the fires.

This view and the appraisal report "this accident happened can not determine that the battery monomer design, manufacture quality problems that exist obvious contradiction. In fact, to really find out the cause of the accident is not difficult, difficult is the truth and will be made public.

Between different sectors appraisal kid tricycles supplier result conflicting behind, and interests group game between the local government and the attitude. In recent years, many local governments are the rise of a new energy vehicles hot. Even there is a voice that, China will be the new energy vehicles to realize "the overtaking corner", leading the world automobile industry of the good time has come.

The result is, from the central government's $one hundred billion investment and subsidies to the relevant ministries and a level of new energy vehicles planning, and then to the local government "spelled kid tricycles manufacturer a life" will create new energy vehicles to the base of the local extreme passion, with "great leap forward" to describe the present situation of China's new energy vehicles and much.

However, the traditional Chinese cars could establish market position, cannot go to international, new energy vehicles with what guide automobile industry, with what realize overtaking corners? Besides, new energy technology does not pass, or even appear problem, relevant departments are veiled, can't announced the truth, with this kind of attitude lead new energy vehicles industry, it is out of the ballpark.

Problems are not terrible, terrible is the solution to the problem of attitude and cover the truth. Any advanced technology there are problems, all is in the discovery after improvement, can become technology benchmarks. And we practice of the electric car is, found that the problem first time cover, do not publish the truth. So how can there be a presence as the world's leading technology?

The appraisal result in theory should be a landmark, but in the event the actual results of identification to see, consumers for the use environment of battery and safety, and cannot fully understand, in the background of the development of this supply electric cars, more is blind production, is not pay attention to scientific and technical production. This is actually the blind and dangerous.

From the countries of the healthy development of new energy vehicles heights, if not from the source really find out all the Thai electric taxi spontaneous combustion reasons, will be for the future development of new energy industry buried a hazard, China may not realize "corner overtaking". In other words, even solve the technical problem, also cannot represent China's new energy vehicles will realize "corner overtaking". Currently in environment, China and should not be vigorously develop the electric car, this is essential.

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