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Children safe deposit by bus seat error market development is poor

With China's auto possession climbed, children of an automobile, there are more and more opportunities. Because the present car seat belts and airbags and so on all is designed for adults,china children tricycles so children ride to have special protection safety facilities, but reporters in the survey found, most parents to this point and no clear understanding.

Dalian citizens DingHuiYuan often drive son travel,children tricycles china although his driving level very confident, but children in the car or will appear a few small accident.

children tricycles supplier According to statistics, China's annual more than 18500 children under the age of 14 died in the traffic accident, the mortality rate is 2.5 times of Europe, the United States of 2.6 times, children tricycles manufacturer traffic accidents has become China's children's accident harm accident of the first cause of death, most of which are caused by the improper for safety measures. The old police HanFangYu told reporters,china baby tricycle car seat belt airbags and, are for adults design, children's passengers have no protection facilities in the case, the airbag open position just located at head, not only failed to protect,baby tricycle supplier it will cause deadly harm to children.

A few days ago,kid tricycles china a car web surveys show that in the participants in the survey of more than 2000 net friend, let children sitting alone in a car back and fasten your seat belt for 6%, 12% free sit in the back,baby tricycle manufacturer sat by the parents held the position of vice driving for 15%, parents hold sit in the back seat up to 40%. December 2, afternoon, the reporter at the door in the city a kindergarten,china kid tricycles quizzed come to pick the child's parents.

Auto experts said many drivers are thinks, children in adult arm by bus to protect the safety of the next is the most, however, that fact is not so.

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