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« Check the children's toys and learning geermu products market The state quality inspection administration spot check the quality of the three children's products »

Expert introduction, effectively protect children ride safe method is installation using child safety seats

 In the 1960 s, europeans invented car child safety seats, applicable 0 to the age of 12 children, this comes from the astronauts seat design, which will hurt children reduced risk of around 70%.

At present our city motor vehicle quantities children cars break through the million mark, private cars become young parents with children of the main transportation travel. But of the children's safety problems but rarely by serious attention, installation child safety seats of the few private cars. Because our country in child safety seats in the production and use of all lack compulsory standards, safety seat that market also is always in the "dysplasia" state.

In the interview, reporters in a kindergarten door observed the dozens of private car, no one installation have a children's safety seat. To this, some parents say children don't want to sit down,ride on cars and more parents argue that there is no need to install.

Visit our city some cars and reporters in children's stores,kids tricycle found that children's safety seat sales rarely, come and buy citizen is not much.

Reporters in the city a large car products wholesale and retail enterprise to realize, child safety seats this year than last year, sales of a slightly ascension, but the store chain store all together, children tricycles and the monthly sales have no more than one hundred tricycle And the actual seat utilization rate is not high also.

The reporter found in visit, the present market condition of child safety seats from hundreds of yuan price to several thousand dollars, some of which has not had the safe test.

According to information, at present our country have the regular child safety seat manufacturer is home to more than 40, 95% of our products are exported to abroad, and domestic less than 5%,kid tricycles due to the lack of industry standard, some black processing factory to step in, make inferior product with a domestic market, last year, a domestic enterprise production "Thanksgiving" brandtricycle for adults children's seat, in car was after the impact, seat belts were happened fracture.

Reporters from national standardization management tricycle baby committee to realize, China compulsory state standard "motor vehicle children with constraints system and the crew of the recently issued, this is our country the first on the motor tricycle for toddler vehicle children's seat of constraint fixtures mandatory national standards. Will make our country children ride to further ensure safety.

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