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Children's toys market have hidden trouble: the explosion noise bacteria

The author of the explosion, lighting, noise, bacteria testing experiment uncovered the children's toys hidden trouble

In a balloon is critical put towels over an openchildren cars flame burn holes plush toys hidden hand dirty bacteria than bus

"Mothers, please note! Don't let a balloon ride on cars into incendiary!" A few days ago, a fire in the balloon would explode micro bo spread on the Internet. Many mother learned about the conclusions, are forwarding, remind each other. kids tricycle A balloon really that dangerous? The children you have what danger hidden trouble? Please follow our newspaper the experiment together!

The experiment in a balloon, fire into a "ball children tricycles of fire"

High school physics class, the teacher told us baby tricycle the hydrogen is the lightest known in the world of the density of the gas--it is very small, only 1/14 of the air. In order to let the balloon floating in the air, selling balloons vendors kid tricycles will in the balloon filled the hydrogen. tricycle for adults However the hydrogen in addition to "light" outside, also with inflammable and explosive sex, especially not pure hydrogen gas, it is extremely easy explosion.

October 28,, the south lake park in shenyang door boughttricycle baby four only a balloon, sent to shenyang fire team Olympic sports squadron in explosion test.

Heavily armed firefighters, will the newspaper is rolled into the carton, then lit. Then the flame with newspaper carton, carefully up to the balloon, flame in a balloon in distance and 5 centimeters, tricycle for toddler hydrogen balloons have encounter heat to melt, hydrogen then leaked.

Because the balloon filled the hydrogen, the balloon in high pressure, therefore hydrogen leak out, meet flame, produced a ball of fire. Ball of fire burning in the process, still issued the "tricycle adult ;PuChi" voice, ball of fire burning time of 2 to 3 seconds.

The balloon was lit in the side, and the other a fireman carrying a piece of white towel, the balloon burst instantly to the neighboring simulation of influence. Hydrogen gas explosion process, electric ride on cars plastic material balloon in the flame of a soft, tricycles for toddlers sinochem hot black mud material. With the flame spray, "black mud" spitting on the towel, put towels burned a a HuangDouLi the size of the black hole.

Imagine, if is children with a balloon explosion, baby trikes the face or body will very easily burns.

Then, the author and lit with the cigarette butt to the balloon re-lighting experiment. Because the quantity of heat of cigarette is low, and the moment to meet the balloon, cigarette butts because and balloon full access to the surface, cut off from the air and to put out. Then the balloon in the hot iron and cigarette under, trike for toddlers be very hot out a small hole, along the small hole Chi hydrogen Chi come out, and the balloon quickly buckled down.

Although the balloon in meet cigarette butts, no explosion, but does not mean that the balloon and cigarette butts meet is safe. Olympic sports squadron vice mid-team leader LiuChunYang introduction, when hydrogen from end up inside the hole of the leak, due to the mouth of the cave is narrow small, inside hole pressure of the hydrogen instead will be greater. If the hydrogen leak out again meet fire, explosion is also very strong.

Hydrogen leak out, meet flame, produced a ball of fire. Ball of fire burning time of 2 to 3 seconds.

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