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« Hebei flat little electroplating guide township blow away the centralized mode The dragon baby boom gradually now preempted the infant child is in its market »

Electroplating how to no longer messy pollution?


Electroplating is in the production of bicycle key working procedure, messy "small electroplating" enterprise is serious pollution sources. The nation's largest bicycle spare parts and stroller production base PingXiangXian in hebei province, is the management "small electroplating" as a powerful engine pull industry upgrade,battery powered ride on cars and actively guide electroplating industry go park road centralization, promote the industry development mode change. Recently, the head of the environmental protection department in flat township investigation, the model give full affirmation.

"At present, PingXiangXian completely shut down within the original county is 11 old plating enterprises, and intensify the" little plating 'enforced, eia procedures and anyone without pollution treatment facilities "little plating' once found, immediately banned." PingXiangXian environmental protection bureau chief WangXianZhong said,tricycle for 3 year old environmental protection and public security, industry and commerce, and power, functional departments forming clamp down on illegal enterprise joint action mechanism, in the county pulling the comprehensive clean regularly, to crack down on illegal small electroplating enterprise, electroplating facilities for illegal according to law and no buttons, sealed off the water, power off, dismantling plating slots.

PingXiangXian of "small electroplating" processing centers at the death on strict, take on the tour inspection, examination, YeZha assault wait for means, malicious brake "small electroplating"tricycle bikes for kids resurgence wind, and with the township (town), CunZhiShu signed a letter of responsibility, earnestly implement the important clues case report system, found a, investigate a. Since this year, PingXiangXian joint law enforcement, handled more than 60 enterprises small electroplating illegal house.

At the same time, ping township to improve the investment environment, and actively introduce foreign capital. An Indonesian foreign investment of 60 million yuan in the bicycle industry areas built HuiNa electroplating industrial park, the park adopts advanced electroplating production line, realizing the electroplating process fully automated,ride on cars china each batch of products after cleaning, except the oil, coating process flow, set at a time, through the 92 pool repeatedly to the factory, all wastewater into a sewage pool, through professional processing, drainage standard.

Electroplating industry upgrade, which not only improve the flat township bicycle industry overall level, also realization environmental and economic health development of a "win-win". It is reported that in 2010, HuanBaoTing awarded in hebei province PingXiangXian temple river town "provincial environment beautiful town" honorary title; In 2011, the government approved in hebei province and flat township bicycle industrial park upgraded to provincial park.

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