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Chengdu: car batteries lease or into the community

By faith the relevant person in charge of a committee yesterday chengdu people's broadcasting station news frequency "chengdu face-to-face · enhancement working stgle work hotline" china children tricycles about the development of new energy vehicles citizens topic discussion. From last year to next year, zhuhai into thousands of electric cars into the public application field,children tricycles china sichuan steam group of research and development of electric taxi will, in the near future, put into use, and people with electric cars on the promotion of factors-battery life issues, our city is also actively considering the battery into the community in the form of lease, the promotion of electric cars for the next step, which laid the foundation.

Last year, the our city won the national new energy vehicles pilot city, children tricycles supplier greatly pushed the new energy vehicles the fast development, the city committee by the letter car ZhengXueYu everywhere long said: "according to state approval pilot schemes of the city of chengdu,children tricycles manufacturer we to 2012's demonstration expansion in operation in the vehicle should be 1030 trains, which now includes bus, coach, exclusive, passenger cars, etc. china baby tricycle New energy vehicles at present mainly in the field of public service."

The city center pure electric vehicles after operation, November this year,baby tricycle supplier 332 more than 10 longquan road a pure electric bus also put into use,baby tricycle manufacturer ZhengXueYu said, this year, zhuhai will also have hundreds of motorized bus is put into operation, "chengdu will also launch this year is about 150 Taiwan pure electric bus, may be about to pay part of the end of......."

To electric cars to run fast, ran away, and electric vehicle charging pile, supporting the charging facilities must keep up with. At present, the international and the coastal cities of the model is more battery lease, rather than on a single charge pile at least four hours, compared to replace a battery, only need to less than half an hour,china kid tricycles ZhengXueYu revealed that the electric car is expected next year for the promotion mode: "in 2012 we plan in the city centre and is currently in the network configuration some residential district,kid tricycles china has been built part of the charging facilities, is for the residents of new energy vehicles to use in the future to make the complete set."

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Sichuan steam group this year already has developed a passenger cars, kid tricycles manufacturer ready to put into as taxi demonstration.

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