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CBME danger of children's exhibition of China toy market for development

China toy industry development in the 1980 s. Since the financial crisis since the outbreak of the of the world market share of about 70% of the toys of China toy industry has been hit by heavy defeat. In order to strengthen the toy export enterprise confidence, stimulate toy exports, since on 1 November 2008,children cars supplier the country's first improve toys export drawback, toys export tax rebate rate increased from 11% to 14%, children cars manufacturer and by 15% today, thus effectively reduced the enterprise export cost, revitalize the enterprise confidence.

Domestic toy market demand large scale

According to statistics, China 14 years old of china ride on cars the following children and infants close to 300 million,ride on cars supplier accounting for a quarter of the population, which accounts for about a third of global school-age children. They make a very big toy consumer groups. And with China's family planning and the implementation of the most families have only one child, and also have six adult, parents in the child's willingness to consume is very strong.ride on cars manufacturer In simple terms, with every 3 home every year at least spending $10 to purchase a toy computing, consumer toys is as high as 4 billion yuan. Of course, much more than the number of tricycle china China domestic toy market demand huge, china kids tricycle containing the enormous business opportunities.

Toys export market prospect is still good

China is the biggest toy manufacturing countries and tricycle supplier According to the customs statistics, in 2010 China's toy exports of $10.08 billion, up 29.4%, Europe and the United States still is China's largest trading partner, in addition to the asean, kids tricycle manufacturer India, Australia, Brazil, Russia and other emerging markets. Even if oil prices, Japan in seismic tsunami, the world situation is volatile...... A series of events, Chinese toy export industry still can "facing the ocean, warm spring". Europe and the market demand of the huge, Brazil, Russia and some other emerging market unlimited potential, china children tricycles more and more perfect national policy, they all help enterprise to increase the development and innovation of dedication, from which we can see the toy export market prospects.

Infinite good market, where to find business opportunities?

Entrepreneurship and investment, to join...... When you took aim at the Chinese toy market the big cake, but don't know how to move the knife and fork, every year in July, why don't you visit CBME danger of children's show?

On July 20, 2011, the 11 th CBME danger of children's shows, will be in Shanghai new international expo center curtain grand. The exhibition is expected to attract more than 1600 home danger to children's brand manufacturers, for 10 years to the largest one in, is expected to have more than 150 toys brand exhibition.

CBME danger of children's show was founded in 2001, is a collection of maternal and infant supplies, children's toys, children's clothing, maternity stroller, infants, food and other products for the integration of pregnant women to 0-16 years old children mamicare large industrial fair child. CBME danger of children's exhibition through more than 10 years development, it has become the biggest danger in Asia child industry platform, not only is infant toys, baby supplies, maternal and infant supplies, maternity and children's clothing brand related enterprise's first choice to join the exhibition, the exhibitors and buyers is also widely the business expansion important trade platform.

A toy to join, maternal and infant products to join and children's clothing to join, wholesale intention of relevant enterprises can timely website ( inquires the related information, make travel arrangements and scheduled to visit. At the same time, as long as you on the web site successfully completed the audience pre-registration, have a better chance to get the exhibition during the whole free accommodation!

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