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Consumers of electric vehicles, according to the aeration "hole daddy" the half a year three times

Consumers in a Mr. Zhou also bought a car "in lai of" brand electric bike, however, less than half a year but there appears three place fault, the third time of repair, replacement Mr Zhou proposed requirements, but be sales merchants and manufacturers to refuse. The author the day before yesterday the scene after the interview, the businessman and the manufacturer sales, said again next to communicate with consumers solve.


Over youth riding solar electric bicycle advocate low carbon

7, with more than young people riding mainland China first car solar electric bicycle, become the ningde city streets in fujian province on a beautiful scenery line. Over young entrepreneurs, environmental protection volunteers, journalists and writers participate in riding.


China green building intelligent card market is a big chance

With the construction of sustainable development of approval for more and more high, especially the Chinese global green building market is containing the very great opportunity.

"Green building in China at present the approval of more and more high, many building energy efficiency is higher than the lowest standard, but still hasn't reached the standard of green architecture system. So in the energy use of existing buildings transformation we have great opportunity." A few days ago, in international intelligence green and energy-saving building of new technology and products expo, united technologies subsidiaries of joint technology environment, kid tricycles...

Pneumatic tools industry new materials will increase

Pneumatic tool use and other electric tools, and even more so, it small body seven and exquisite, long service life, high safety, and save energy. In our country's pneumatic tools market overall, it is a complete range of specifications, such as wind, cut gun drill, polishing machine, impact wrench, etc, but because in its market price than the ordinary electric tool is much higher, this is cause pneumatic tools were not popular use is one of the main reasons why.


Hangzhou check the children furniture all have index is not up to the standard

Hangzhou sales of the stroller safe? Children furniture safety index situation is again how? In "" the children's festival eve, hangzhou city disappear is protected appoint will these parents care about, and joint zhejiang province quality and technology supervision institute of light industry detection of vehicle detection and zhejiang province furniture and hardware research institute, respectively, in the city of current domain stroller, children's furniture are compared test, and the children's food and related products for special quality monitoring.


Two meetings of hot debate: the school bus safety can be a "standard" in place

February 23,, a student in the school bus operation start ceremony on watching the "big nose" the school bus. On that day, the one central defender in ningxia area school bus operation start ceremony in the sixth middle school held a central defender, 40 a special school bus has put into use


Lithium battery industry is in the new development opportunity

Held in Shanghai on Wednesday, the "2012 China international conference on lithium electricity · battery anode materials" on, the experts agree, in the country to develop new energy vehicles and pure electric vehicle with a clear direction, and integrate the lead-acid battery industry background, the China of lithium battery and related upstream and downstream industry development in the new development opportunity. "There has been a dozen Chinese and foreign enterprise put in lithium batteries positive materials of research and production, the production is expected to release quickly." China's electronic information industry development research institute said making general manager. According to the agency statistics, in 2011, the global battery anode materials market total sales for 59470 tons, an increase of 29%. This year, a rise is expected to continue.


The California for electric vehicle charging station inject $100 million

California water and electric power company Los Angeles division general manager Ronald Nichols (RonaldNichols) is for a nissan to hear the wind (Leaf) car battery.

California governor jerry brown (JerryBrown) has announced, the state will be and NRG energy company signed a $120 million (us $1 about 6.3 yuan RMB, similarly hereinafter) of the agreement, in a statewide race built zero emission vehicle battery charging station network.



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