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Children's clothes security hidden danger lurks the whole industry chain quality inspection "disaster areas" article

Children's clothing is not "shrink" adult clothing, the safety of children's clothing problem also when cause attention. Quality check each year, the children's clothing is inevitably become "disaster areas," including, adidas, H&M, beautiful baby room, Papua beans and a series of famous children's clothes are none escape by luck. Industry insiders point, because about fifty percent market is not brand children's clothing, the consumer is buying time need more to alert. "On one hand children's clothing rights is very difficult, especially when it comes to chemical unqualified products; on the other hand, children's clothing for consumers to buy when children's clothes security quality problems tend to be ignored." With China's children's clothing market cake constantly to be larger, children's clothing pattern changes, previously has been difficult to solve problems of the children's clothing safety need reviewing.


Hebi an annual output of 100000 cars magnesium alloy bicycle project started construction

April 14,, is located in hebi national economic and technical development zone jinshan industrial zone of hebi magnesium round of beautiful vehicle industry Co., ltd., with annual capacity of 100000 cars magnesium alloy bicycle project construction, with a total investment of 120 million yuan.


New energy vehicles need planning good car electron battery industry

April 19, shenzhen and two city both low open, at HuZhi at 2378.62, or 2.22% that day; Shenzhen composition index at 100498.8 points, or 0.2% that day, and two city grail this fall but failed to block the lithium electricity concept in share price rise of individual stocks plate.


Auto supplies: domestic battery use period more than 15 months

By the end of 2011, the electric bicycle quantities rose about of 3.5 million vehicles, by the end of this year, that number is expected to reach 4 million cars. An electronic bicycle in the 5 years of use period, the need to SiWuKuai batteries. "This seminar organizer shanxi electric bicycle industry association ZhangXiaoNa secretary-general introduces, at present market electric bicycle, 90% for including cadmium lead-acid battery. And according to the work of the previous letter released backward production technology and equipment and product guidance catalogue," including cadmium more than 0.002% of the lead-acid battery "is due at the end of 2013 knocked out, and are allowed to production, sales, use and adopted. The current domestic battery use period for more than 15 months. So, in the sale and use of link, September 30 days should be electric bicycle including cadmium battery" dying "time. Otherwise, consumer is in 2013 years later use issues facing the risk of product.


New energy vehicles planning lithium battery industry enterprise good jump start the key is spell technology fund

According to the reporter from the relevant personage inside the industry place understands, at present, our country battery related standard is still in the blueprint stage.

April 19, shenzhen and two city both low open, at HuZhi at 2378.62, or 2.22% that day; Shenzhen composition index at 100498.8 points, or 0.2% that day, and two city grail this fall but failed to block the lithium electricity concept in share price rise of individual stocks plate.


AoKeMa response to share price moved: future still focus refrigeration electrical appliances

According to the sound of the economy the trading live "report, moved last year AoKeMa company annual net profit of 46.57% year-on-year drop, and the company this year not to share out bonus, but today the company new energy vehicle by the good news policy affects, share price seal to harden, reporters interviewed the company stock affairs representative.


Many auto supplies's fair was a real eye-opener

14 morning, sponsored by the municipal people's government, the municipal committee by the letter, municipal bureau of forestry, the tourism bureau, city business bureau, wenzhou international conference and exhibition center of the China (wenzhou) forest tourism products expo and the third outdoor tourist products exhibition in the international exhibition center opening, for three days.


Faw Toyota high put: transformation model car marketing the new mode

Honored guests, media friends:

Everybody is good!

Very happy and you come to Beijing, and I represent faw Toyota, long time to give our trust and support all friends of express heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings!

The word "transition" for we are not strange, living in this era, all of each can feel the social transformation to our life and values of the impact of. As a in the auto industry from decades of people, experience of China from a bicycle power development to auto power, experience of the development of automobile industry highs and lows, tricycle baby...

The battery industry boom picks up the new battery into profit growth point

Along with the lead-acid battery industry related access conditions and lithium electricity, lead by carbon batteries, and the growing popularity of the new battery, the battery industry quarter hit 'picks up, the expected future will be in electric bicycle, electric cars and energy storage of large scale application catalyst get development.


The electric car route gradually lithium electricity in the application of long-term dividends

For the application prospect of lithium electricity, the industry generally optimistic about the new energy vehicles especially the electric car of promotion. But the new energy vehicles "1025" plan "but before the Spring Festival of a standing committee of state council meeting be returned revision, has not been announced, related development train of thought in the industry also has certain controversial.



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