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The state quality inspection administration spot check the quality of the three children's products

Recently, state quality inspection administration for children, stroller, toys and children's products quality of the country is supervised selective examination, selective examination will now publish the results.

In 2011, the latest children's toys China selectived examination in Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian, guangdong, sichuan province, six provinces and municipalities directly under the 80 enterprises producing 80 kinds of products, involving children's shoes, leather sandals, travel and other products kinds. This selective examination on the basis of the national standards "travel" GB/T15107-2005, the leather sandals "GB/T22756-2008, tricycles for salethe leather shoes" QB/T1002-2005, "the children's shoes" QB/T2880-2007 and the current effective enterprise standards for the record to the requirements of product appearance quality/es sensory quality, wear resistance, peel strength/help bottom peel strength, bottom wall and peel strength for surface, and the hardness, with the upper pulled out strength, liner and color fastness of friction resistance within pad, free formaldehyde, can decompose harmful aromatic amine dyes and nine project inspection. There are 66 children in selectiving examination accord with a standard, 14 do not conform to the standards, do not accord with project involves the free formaldehyde, exterior quality/sensory quality,ride on cars for toddlers wear resistance, the outsole hardness, upper belt out strength, bottom wall and peel strength for surface, liner and color fastness of friction resistance inside cushion etc. The specific selective examination to see appendix 1.


Nike shoes stand hand in hand goodbaby group controlling China's children's clothing market

February 17,-SongZhengHai goodbaby group chairman, said yesterday that group is to promote to retail as the core business boy China trading company (hereinafter referred to as good boy China) listed as soon as possible,children tricycles and plans to achieve yuan in 2015 sales targets, with the e-commerce sales will reach 3 billion yuan.


The dragon coming, stroller brand sell?

The dragon coming, and the children's products seem to see the bull market, all for the brand marketing continue to power. In the final analysis, brand marketing is a "sell" word, so, stroller brand should sell?tricycle bikes for kids To answer this question before, we will look first media reported.


Valentine's day comes, stroller marketing do?

Media reports say, rose price general goes up, the cinema cancel routine half-price tickets for Tuesday, KTV box fee refer to price... weekend Not far away from February 14, every can play the "valentine's day" concept of goods are beginning to raise their profile.



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