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Ef the infant child technology research and development to promote the development of children's seat

2011 December 8-9, "about car safety" as the theme, "the 2011 (second session) China automobile safety technology development international BBS"china baby tricycle in the Inner Mongolia hailaer held a grand. The BBS of lecture topics, the content covers the auto safety's policies and regulations, the 2012 version of the new car evaluation procedures (NCAP) new baby tricycle supplier rules and auto safety, security system, new technology safety design, pedestrians and children's protection system design concept and solutions and so on many domains.


Lang elevator advertising "can" borrow the children to "sharing" suspect

In the Spring Festival for the liquor sales of traditional busy season the grab more share, the liquor enterprises have the bend over backwards to win the consumer's favor. However, recently readers to chengdu shangbao reporter that, in its neighborhood in the elevator advertising, coordination group of "old coordination" poster even in children's image, attached incendiary text. "Let the child to promote wine of adolescence, very adverse", kids tricycle china this reader worried.


The program for the development of jiangxi province children (2011-2020)



Children are the future of our motherland, the human society sustainable development is the important resources. Children's development is the national economic and social development and the progress of civilization is an important part, promote children's development, to improve the national quality, construction human resources strong province,tricycle baby bike realize the comprehensive construction well-off society goal is of decisive significance.


Chinese children clothing consumption trend brand popular children's clothes

According to the existing population, according to China's next phase of the highest rate of birth about appeared in 2016, the population for the 2028 peak, this time we will also have the fifth round "baby TongChao". In other words, Chinese children industry at least 20 years of the bull market, along with consumption ability, tricycle baby consumer consciousness and the improving of the urbanization process forward, children's clothing market capacity will be driven according to the statistical data every year in the children's clothing products continuously rise, now the living standard of people more and more high, especially after 80 now parents of children spend more and life. tricycle for toddler At present, the domestic consumption trend of children's clothes are as follows:


Children's application for flat become concentration camps dolls sent platform

As is known to all, with the 2010 apple iPad launch and the subsequent each big manufacturers of follow-up, tablet computer had walked into the country. Meanwhile, in the vast application service provider, children cars with the support of coloured APP application is gradually accepted by our consumers.


Guangzhou 8 authority budget this year than 80 million kindergartens

The guangzhou funding "75.24 million yuan 'support' authority kindergarten" message on the network spread quickly and controversial. Have Internet users think that,children tricycles china by the public finance to "support" authority kindergarten is not rational. Yesterday, the guangzhou bureau of finance, responded that due to the kindergarten fees, such as to donate income into the general budget management, which first and second kindergarten for 13.28 million yuan, eliminate the statistical factors,children tricycles supplier municipal public kindergarten 2012 general budget spending with the same flat.


Biological base plastic let children's toys like "fruit" security

Beijing treasure matvey, science and technology development Co., LTD. Using the natural plant fiber manufacturing of biological and plastic raw materials on the market, will give China children toy in

Canada is revised by children car seats and regulations

In the past twenty years, the average size increases have children, but the built-in children of seat safety standards but have not keep up with them. To realize the change, in order to improve security,tricycle for 3 year old the United States has recently been revised its about children's seat, at the request of the consideration to the heavier children.


Avoid pre-school education "primary school of the" three note

A few days ago, the ministry of education again, in solving children "have garden on" at the same time, should adhere to the scientific establishment, to avoid the pre-school education "primary school of the" electric ride on cars problem. Xinhua also recently pointed out that in writing, education expert advice should policy and prevent more childcare "primary tendency, protecting them happy childhood. The author thinks that, in addition to the government administrative measures to strengthen the supervision of the recruitment of reform,tricycles for toddlers the evaluation system, avoid pre-school education "primary school change", should also let the parents must pay attention to the following three problems.


Leisure brand children's clothes become one of the largest market for children's consumption

Brand goods have involved people daily all aspects of life. Now, not only adults more and more exquisite brands, children's brand consumption ethos has intensified. children cars As the basic necessities of "dressing" problem, of course, is Paramount. Children's clothing brand has become one of the largest market for children's consumption.



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