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Analytical shishi new peculiar toys in the quality pass in check

Recently, the state quality inspection administration, children tricycles china fujian province quality technology supervision bureau successively in children's products in our province, China products, quality sampling inspection, the stone lion stone lions in random new peculiar toys Co.,children tricycles manufacturer LTD production music rotating hang harp toys qualified pass.


Good boy brand idea create web "decided to body"

With "safe, durable, fashion and contracted,ride on cars china love" for the brand idea of good kid, is the world's famous babies and infants thing company, the world's largest supplier of baby carriages and international famous brand. Goodbaby group was founded in 1989, the industry advanced baby strollers suppliers, professional maternal and infant products distribution and retail platform,baby tricycle china famous babies and infants thing comprehensive solution provider. Safe, durable, fashion, love is the brand four core value. More good boy scientific nurture nets, let parents enjoy the parenting process.china children cars It not only in the domestic sales are ahead, win the national quality prize, but also in the United States in the share of more than 55%, and invited to the United States to develop a work standard baby carriages.children cars china Enterprise most of the attention is revolutionary and disruptive, and so has been leading the global industry trend.


Comprehensive analysis: little toys problems exposed headed system

The current system of factory bound slant wide,kid tricycle manufacturer was found the toy production problems, the general first rectification, the rectification if you continue to production. Partial soft punishment lead to strong backing manufacturer.


Children's products to check the anxious children furniture are not qualified

Today is "" the international children's day, tricycle for toddler for young parents, it the safety and health of children is the most important. tricycle adult But hangzhou city disappear is protected appoint released yesterday about the market


Comprehensive analytical: toys business where incoming advantage?

ZhaoHui shine in dalian commodity city business years of toys retail business, she told the reporter, the sources of her not only in yiwu, in her mind's eye, guangdong, hebei area in price,children cars etc. Of great advantage.


Chengdu: car batteries lease or into the community

By faith the relevant person in charge of a committee yesterday chengdu people's broadcasting station news frequency "chengdu face-to-face · enhancement working stgle work hotline" china children tricycles about the development of new energy vehicles citizens topic discussion. From last year to next year, zhuhai into thousands of electric cars into the public application field,children tricycles china sichuan steam group of research and development of electric taxi will, in the near future, put into use, and people with electric cars on the promotion of factors-battery life issues, our city is also actively considering the battery into the community in the form of lease, the promotion of electric cars for the next step, which laid the foundation.


The Great Wall T43 notebook to admire the speed dream "speed angel"

Because a controversial "lust, caution" and popular international film star tang wei, after three years in silence with incoming new film again, the tang wei will person with new attitude.china children cars This is especially leading stars in "extreme angel" tells the story of a woman taxi driver, through their own efforts, break through many obstacles finally became a first-class the pilot's inspirational story. As a leading domestic PC manufacturers of Great Wall computer, in rolls out this year T43 notebook computer of with children cars china its mainstream configuration, reasonable price impact on the notebook market, in computer hard drive cost of rising period will be the Great Wall T43 laptop still keep it at 3499 yuan low price, provide customers with the real high ratio of performance laptop computer products.


Suzhou investigation: car society, are we ready?

According to the world recognized standards for every households have 20 car attains "car society" minimum.

December 3,, the Chinese academy of institute of used adult tricycles sociology and Mercedes company jointly issued by the China automobile social development report "first annual report, says China next year per families car ownership of 20 cars, that is,tricycle for 3 year old China will be officially entered into the car next year society.


October 1, 2011-China toy market share 42% of Chile imports

According to the San Diego chamber of commerce statistics, this year 1-October Chile toys total imports 275 million us dollars, up by 23%.

At present the toy store and wisdom of the highest tricycle baby trikes demand retailers products separately for the combined toy (imports $153 million, and the market share of 53%), electric toys, video games and accessories (imports $66 million, and the market share of 24%),kid tricycle bicycle (imports $33 million, and the market share of 12%), tricycles, children's scooter and pedal car (imports $10 million, and the market share of 4%). A compared to the same period in 2010,trike kid the first 10 months of this year, combined toy bicycle wisdom, electric toys and video game import a substantial growth reached 35%, 25% and 20% respectively.


"The fine five door" will not unified stroller industry?

Stroller belong to a children's products, using various period from baby sit horizontal cart to the toddler is the use XueBuChe, to the use of childhood children tricycle and children bicycle, variety complete, the fine styles. Now, stroller has become an important children growth period products, also is the growth of children,children cars children's health protection ability companion.



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