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Pneumatic tools development prospects look good development way wide

Pneumatic tool use and electric tool use, even than electric tool use up more easily, it has a characteristic is: there is a small and exquisite, long service life, high safety, and more can save energy, as well as advantages.

With more and more businesses to the brand management of the route, tricycle for toddler...

New energy industry planning a release lithium battery investment shower

Tom elder brother in "mission: impossible 4 of the pure electric vehicle that car will appear in the real situation? Perhaps in the short term, this desire is difficult to achieve, but for the investment agency, for example, it is absolutely a can lift the appetite of people good stories.


Children's clothes security hidden danger lurks the whole industry chain quality inspection "disaster areas" article

Children's clothing is not "shrink" adult clothing, the safety of children's clothing problem also when cause attention. Quality check each year, the children's clothing is inevitably become "disaster areas," including, adidas, H&M, beautiful baby room, Papua beans and a series of famous children's clothes are none escape by luck. Industry insiders point, because about fifty percent market is not brand children's clothing, the consumer is buying time need more to alert. "On one hand children's clothing rights is very difficult, especially when it comes to chemical unqualified products; on the other hand, children's clothing for consumers to buy when children's clothes security quality problems tend to be ignored." With China's children's clothing market cake constantly to be larger, children's clothing pattern changes, previously has been difficult to solve problems of the children's clothing safety need reviewing.


Faw Toyota high put: transformation model car marketing the new mode

Honored guests, media friends:

Everybody is good!

Very happy and you come to Beijing, and I represent faw Toyota, long time to give our trust and support all friends of express heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings!

The word "transition" for we are not strange, living in this era, all of each can feel the social transformation to our life and values of the impact of. As a in the auto industry from decades of people, experience of China from a bicycle power development to auto power, experience of the development of automobile industry highs and lows, tricycle baby...

Consumers of electric vehicles, according to the aeration "hole daddy" the half a year three times

Consumers in a Mr. Zhou also bought a car "in lai of" brand electric bike, however, less than half a year but there appears three place fault, the third time of repair, replacement Mr Zhou proposed requirements, but be sales merchants and manufacturers to refuse. The author the day before yesterday the scene after the interview, the businessman and the manufacturer sales, said again next to communicate with consumers solve.


ZhouYun endorsement high-end the infant child brand I-baby focus on the next generation

Famous film star miss ZhouYun signed endorsement China high-end the infant child brand I-baby. ZhouYun will with her noble temperament to explain I-baby brand spirit: "let the next generation of high growth" and "safety, health, aesthetics, and green" brand concept. As Mrs. Director jiang, kid tricycles...

Part of the children's toys were detected chronic poisoning heavy metal?

According to CCTV reported the state quality inspection administration has specifically for kids' shoes, it baby carrier and children's toys on a national supervision inspection. According to the state quality inspection administration announced the results of random, children don't percent of pass is 17.5%, stroller not rate of 20%. And for children's toys in detecting, part of the product was found to contain heavy metal lead and chrome.


Hebei flat little electroplating guide township blow away the centralized mode

Electroplating is in the production of bicycle key working procedure, messy "small electroplating" enterprise is serious pollution sources. The nation's largest bicycle spare parts and stroller production base PingXiangXian in hebei province, is the management "small electroplating" as a powerful engine pull industry upgrade,children cars...

Children's application for flat become concentration camps dolls sent platform

As is known to all, with the 2010 apple iPad launch and the subsequent each big manufacturers of follow-up, tablet computer had walked into the country. Meanwhile, in the vast application service provider, children cars with the support of coloured APP application is gradually accepted by our consumers.


Children furniture market prospect is good with international standards should be gradually

According to the China furniture association secretary-general ZhangBingBing introduction, with the improvement of living standards, the need for children of products to growing calls more and more furniture enterprise saw children furniture of the huge potential of, have started to production or over the children furniture,tricycle for toddler increasingly fierce competition in the industry.




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